Raiders: Pigeon Was Ghost Of Marquis Cooper?

So the talk of the NFL this week was the Oakland Raiders’ unlikely win over the Philadelphia Eagles, and more specifically, the pigeon which appeared to fly along with the Raiders’ special teams unit for one play during a kickoff return. Several Oakland players are now saying that it was no coincidence that the bird looked so comfortable on the play. It just may have been, they say, the ghost of deceased teammate Marquis Cooper.

Marquis Cooper

Cooper, a linebacker and special teams player for the Raiders, was lost at sea in a tragic boating accident in March, and is presumed dead. Oakland running back Justin Fargas, who was close to Cooper, told a Sacramento radio station this morning that their fallen teammate is never far from their hearts, and when they saw the pigeon appearing to cover a kickoff, many had the same thought. Read more…

Florida Marlins Pair Up To Battle Wisconsin Ghosts

Compared to rest of this nation’s major sports, baseball is somewhat of an odd duck. Whether it’s the irregularly-shaped field of play or the leisurely pace of play, it’s always stood out from its less pastoral brethren on the sports scene. Its players come in all shapes and sizes, from all over the world, and with all manner of odd quirks. In fact, baseball players have a long and illustrious history of bizarre superstitions and traditions.

Hanley Ramirez with Ghost

(Yes, Hanley, the ghost came from the sky.)

The 1908 White Sox were scared of shaving. Turk Wendell was scared of the foul line. Craig Biggio was scared of washing his helmet. Today we add a new bizarre superstition to the list: the Florida Marlins are scared of ghosts.

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UK Soccer Goalie Aghast With Ghosts In His Home

THE SUN sends along spirited news that a soccer goalie for Arsenal believes his house is haunted.

Manuel Almunia ghost

Manuel Almunia claims he’s heard chains rattling and stereos turning on by themselves in the middle of the night at his Abbots Langley home. And his wife has even supposedly seen the ghost of a monk: Read more…