Blog-O-Rama: Fans Grunt Along With Sharapova

Quite an exciting half, eh? Here’s some news to wake yourself up while you enjoy the haunting melodies of Mr. Petty & his Heartbreakers:

• The MONTREAL GAZETTE’s OPEN COURT is at a loss for words, as Israeli tennis fans decided to grunt along with Maria Sharapova during her Fed Cup match.

Maria Sharapova leaning forward

• The RICHMOND (VA) TIMES-DISPATCH notes that musicians often see record sales skyrocket after Super Bowl appearances - even if they’re not getting paid for it.

• Speaking of Sunday’s spectacle, THE BACHELOR GUY has some helpful tips in explaining the Big Game to your girlfriend.

• GAME DAILY learns that Joe Montana can be a big jerk about being a little camera shy.

Joe Montana

• BUSTED COVERAGE sends along news that FedEx employees better deliver themselves to work on Monday, or else.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS gets teary-eyed at the tale of a Washington State football player replacing his teammate’s contact-lens solution with rubbing alcohol.

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