StL Rams Readying For Team Sale, Possible Move

Sports fans in St. Louis spend an inordinate amount of time telling anyone and everyone who will listen that they are the “best fans in baseball.” Unfortunately, with all the time they spent patting themselves on the back in baseball over the past few years, they didn’t notice that their football team, the St. Louis Rams, has been up for sale since the death of owner Georgia Frontiere in early 2008.

(Say hello to your Cleveland Los Angeles St. Louis Los Angeles Rams!)

Frontiere’s children, who inherited the team (and a hefty estate-tax bill) from their late mother, have been unable to find a local buyer for their 60% stake in the team and are now preparing to put the team on the open market to any and all bidders - even those who have no interest in staying in Missouri (i.e., everyone). Los Angeles Rams - where have we heard that before?

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Scott Linehan Fired; Haslett Takes Over Disaster

Your nightmare is finally over, St. Louis. Well, your team still sucks, but now there’s an excuse since they’ll have an “interim” coach for the rest of the year and we all know that makes being terrible OK. Scott Linehan is out after an 0-4 start in which the team was outscored by more than 25 points a game. He should make a fine coach in the Sun Belt Conference.

Scott Linehan and Georgia Frontiere

“You have to come over soon. I’ll make a casserole and we can watch Lawrence Welk.”

Why wasn’t Linehan axed earlier, considering the team seems to hit a new low each week? Apparently, the owners’ mom thought he was such a nice boy and didn’t want to see him go. Yes, owners Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez gave Linehan a third season to begin with because their predecessor and mother, Georgia Frontiere, liked him and wanted him there. So there you have it, Rams fans. Your team makes its decisions based on the whims of a now-deceased 80-year-old woman.

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SbB Recipe For A Delightfully Romantic Valentines

Since the last 24 hours in Vegas Playboy Club has had us a little distracted, we’re behind on our Valentine’s Day gifts. Thank goodness Apryl at PEOPLE JAM is here to help us out with last-second, sports-themed suggestions for the big day! She has five stone-cold, lead-pipe locks to make today a poignant, romantic one for your partner.

Merlin Olsen

Our favorite: “For the collector: For example, I went on Ebay and got an avid Los Angeles Rams fan a Merlin Olsen trading card. Get a piece of their favorite team’s history. Be creative!

Ourselves, we had to pass on that one, since last year we gave our significant other a signed Ray Malavasi martini glass. But with all you L.A. NFL fans alive and well (sorry, Georgia), we wanted to help make your V-Day Ram-tastic!

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Blog-O-Rama: “Mike Tyson’s Knockout” On Stage

• FAN IQ punches up this amusing video of “Mike Tyson’s Knockout” - the Off-Broadway version:

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• DEADSPIN horses around with news that Central Park will be putting up a statue of Barbaro - upside down.

Barbaro Upside Down

• The LADIES… pass the bean dip, as they present ‘How Not To Throw A Super Bowl Party‘.

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Georgia Frontiere, Owner of St. Louis Rams, Dies

Georgia Frontiere has traded the Gateway Arch for the gateway to the afterlife, as KMOV in St. Louis reports that the Rams owner has died.

Georgia Frontiere

The news follows earlier Friday reports from TMZ that the 80-year-owner was in “grave condition” at an L.A. hospital. KMOV states that the death may have been due to complications from breast cancer.

Frontiere, a former dancer & singer, inherited the team in 1979 after her husband Carroll Rosenbloom died under mysterious circumstances, and proceeded to kick his son Steven out of the organization, although he was tough to be taking control of the club.

In 1995, she decided to move the Rams from Anaheim to her hometown of St. Louis, who was willing to build her a new publicly-financed stadium. Though she may be missed by Missourians who got a Super Bowl trophy in 1999, L.A. fans left behind - and probably scorned Steve - say good riddance.