Weather Ruins Steinbrenner Monument Unveiling

Make that, weather system.

George Steinbrenner Monument Seen From Space


Yankees Embarrassing Mascot Revealed (Not Hank)

As the New York Yankees are consumed with constantly reminding us of their past, today I thought I’d celebrate, via Scott Cacciola of the WALL STREET JOURNAL, a certain Yankee tradition that deserves much more recognition.

Yankee Mascot Dandy

(Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Dandy)

The Yankees employed a Phillie Phanatic knockoff mascot at Yankee Stadium in the ’70s and ’80s. The thing was called “Dandy” and made by the same woman who came up with the Phanatic and Miss Piggy.

Yankee Mascot Dandy

The best part: George Steinbrenner signed off on it.

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner had final approval, and he met with Mr. Harrison and Ms. Erickson at his Yankee Stadium office one afternoon during the early part of the season.

He sat at a large oval table that overlooked the field while two top-level executives—both of whom had expressed their support for the project—sat quietly along a wall behind him.

It was clear to Dandy’s creators that the onus would fall on them to convince Mr. Steinbrenner, who signed off on the mascot with one caveat. He pointed out that Dandy’s fur was royal blue. “That should be Yankee blue,” Mr. Steinbrenner said.

More from Cacciola’s report:

Marty Appel, the Yankees’ former public relations director, said he had only a vague recollection of Dandy.

“It was sort of un-Yankee-like to have a big mascot running around,” Mr. Appel said.

Wait, then why is Hank still on the payroll? Read more…

Steinbrenner Lockdown: Media, MLBers “Trapped”

Scott Miller of reports that George Steinbrenner’s health must be seriously failing if the treatment he received at Yankee Stadium for the World Series was any indication.

George Steinbrenner Now Wheelchair Bound

When Steinbrenner exited the stadium after Game 2, elevators were shut down (without warning!), stairwells were locked and …

Mechanized gates dropped suddenly from the ceiling to confine some officials to certain areas of the corridor — including some surprised major league baseball officials who were not told beforehand and were suddenly trapped — and keep them away from the vehicles transporting Steinbrenner. Temporary curtains were quickly set up as well to block views.

Was NY Post ‘interview’ with Steinbrenner a sham?

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Mr. October Still Hot Over “The Bronx Is Burning”

It’s interesting that on the same day ESPN announces it will no longer produce made-for-TV movies or miniseries, we also hear that Reggie Jackson is still mad as hell over his portrayal in “The Bronx Is Burning.” That’s the eight-part ESPN miniseries that was released in 2007, based on Jonathan Mahler’s best-selling book.

ESPN's The Bronx Is Burning

Not saying that the two things are related, but Jackson says he’s considering a lawsuit against the WWL over the way they depicted him in the movie, which featured Daniel Sunjata in the role of the tempestuous Mr. October. It all came up when Jackson appeared on “The Jorge Sedano Show” on 790 The Ticket in Miami on Thursday. Reggie was asked what he thought of the movie, and he responded by appearing to have an seizure on the air.

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McHale’s A Monster; Same Said About Kobe’s Wife

Kevin McHale auditions for the lead role in “Not-So-Young Frankenstein“.

Kevin McHale Vanessa Bryant Kobe

• Speaking of monsters, Kobe’s former maid says she’s taken too much crap from the Laker star’s little missus, Vanessa Bryant.

• The NCAA women’s tournament is a sham, a mockery … a shamockery!

• More news in the Donte Stallworth situation: The receiver said he flashed his headlights at the pedestrian he soon it, who wasn’t in a crosswalk.

• An entire Argentinian soccer team gets ejected after fighting with fans.

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For George Steinbrenner, It’s Officially Game Over

I was at the MLB All-Star Game last year, and watched as George Steinbrenner was driven around the Yankee Stadium diamond in a golf cart during pregame ceremonies. That may well be the last significant public appearance for Steinbrenner, who is now apparently wheelchair-bound.

George Steinbrenner Now Wheelchair Bound

Steinbrenner was at a Yankees Spring Training game in Tampa yesterday, and reportedly was not able to walk.

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Beisel Brings Home Another Barely-Clothed Beauty

• Arizona Cardinals linebacker Monty Beisel trades in a scantily clad blonde model for another scantily clad blonde model.

Amanda Carraway Jennifer England

Martin Brodeur becomes the all-time winningest goalie in NHL history.

Georges St. Pierre beats B.J. Penn, Mama Penn fights back in court.

• NBA & WBC officials won’t put up with that kind of attitude, young man!

• On your feet - here comes your George Steinbrenner Warriors!

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Nobody Beats The George Steinbrenner Warriors

Throughout most of the country our schools are named after important people in history like Presidents and generals with a poet or writer thrown in here and there for good measure. If not a person, then the school is usually named after the town it’s in or the township. Well, it’s like that in 49 of the 50 states anyway. Florida, it seems, would rather name their schools after sports figures.

We learned about some Florida schools that were going to be named after Dwyane Wade until he became a sex partyin‘, STD-givin‘ machine who didn’t live up to his end of the bargain. And now today we learn there’s a high school in Tampa named after New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. Well, you can’t have a high school named after a sports figure without sports teams, and those teams need a mascot, but what exactly do you pick as your mascot when your name is Steinbrenner? The Yankees? The Disgustingly Rich? No, you name yourself the Warriors.

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Week In Review: Philadelphia Sports Full Of Boobs

• Philly sports: Where there’s boobs at courtside & boobs in the front office.

Mary Carey Sixers LARGE

• Was Tonya Harding’s hit on Nancy Kerrigan somehow financed by George Steinbrenner?

• Would you like to carry ESPN Radio shows? That will be $100,000, please. And don’t try to offset the funds with a softcore porn bracket contest.

• Maybe women’s college basketball should acknowledge the lesbian fanbase. Otherwise, why even bother playing anymore?

• These lovely lady lumberjacks are a cut above other beauty pageant gals.

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It Hurts Greg Oden To Be Hurt; USA A-OK In WBC

Greg Oden is on the shelf again with another injury, but what pains the Portland Blazers star more is the grief he’s getting from the fans.

greg oden depressed

• The Americans make it to the second round of the WBC. U-S-A! U-S-A!

• Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich ran out from the ruined Russian economy just in time.

Amos Zereoue: From Steelers RB to Manhattan bistro runner.

• Which video clip is cooler - a UFC fighter dropping an f-bomb, or a soccer fan having pseudo-sex with a sports reporter?

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