Foreman’s Son ‘Pokes’ Winehouse, New Breasts

Frankly speaking, George Foreman’s sons have not been pulling their weight. There’s what, five of them? And as far as I know they haven’t been in the news at all — not so much as a DUI. Feh. But wait, what’s this?

George Foreman III, Amy Winehouse

George Foreman III, 27, is possibly dating Amy Winehouse? Now we’re talkin’. Actually they’re probably not dating, but what Foreman did recently makes for an infinitely better headline: He poked her on Facebook. And apparently she poked him back. Is that how it goes? Sorry, I’m old fashioned — I don’t believe young people should go past friending on a first date. Read more…

Holmes Opens Circuit City, Knocks Heavyweights

Every former heavyweight champ has to go into some sort of business venture post-retirement, whether high-profile (George Foreman) or the usual restaurant or office building owner. (Some might even say a forced retirement and a business opportunity would be optimal for say, Evander Holyfield.) Former champ Larry Holmes is taking that opportunity, by signing autographs and playing video games with kids at a Circuit City opening in Naples, Florida.

Larry Holmes

The NAPLES DAILY NEWS was there to cover the opening, and while pushing the game “Don King Presents: Prizefighter” (first 100 copies sold come with your own salt-and-pepper King wig), Holmes lamented the state of the heavyweight division and the state of its former champions.

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George Foreman Promotes Grill In Letter To Judge On Behalf Of Michael Vick

ONLY THING REDUCED WAS FATTY CHEESEBURGER GRISTLE: A letter pleading for leniency written by Michael Vick to Federal Judge Henry Hudson is now online. Warrick Dunn, Hank Aaron and George Foreman also wrote letters on Vick’s behalf, and our favorite by far is Foreman’s (pdf):

George Foreman Grill

Nice to know the judge, after throwing Vick in the slam for nearly two years, now doesn’t have to worry about that pesky, fatty hamburger gristle. Hurrah! (via AOL Fanhouse)