“Gagged” By Auburn, Pat Dye’s “Show Is Over”

For nearly two decades former Auburn football coach and athletic director Pat Dye has made regularly scheduled appearances on the nationally-syndicated Paul Finebaum Show.

But as the Iron Bowl approached last week, Dye did not appear for his weekly sponsored segment with former Alabama Coach Gene Stallings. Of that absence, Finebaum said, “He’s been on this show for 17 years. This is the first no-show in history.

Paul Finebaum Pat Dye

The timing of Dye’s “no-show” may have not been coincidental, considering the former Auburn coach confirmed yesterday to Finebaum that he has been instructed by Auburn school officials not to talk about the controversy involving the recruitment of Cam Newton. An exchange from Monday’s show between Dye and Finebaum:

Finbaum: “Who at Auburn has told him (Cam Newton) he can’t talk and why not? … Have you (Dye) been gagged as well?

Dye: “Yeah.

Why is Dye under a gag order? Good question. Though Dye is not formerly under the full-time employ of the school, the former Auburn Athletic Director maintains close ties to the football program and athletic department and was reportedly instrumental in Gene Chizik securing the school’s head football coaching job at Auburn in 2008.

Last year the BIRMINGHAM NEWS reported that Dye spoke to the Auburn football team - at Chizik invitation. Excerpt:

Auburn practiced in Jordan-Hare Stadium — on Pat Dye Field — after Dye spoke about some Auburn traditions. Running backs coach Curtis Luper was impressed. “He’s been around to the office a bunch,” Luper said. “I’m locked into every single word he says because there’s so much wisdom in his words. He’s experienced a lot.”

That’s right, the playing surface at venerable Jordan-Hare stadium is also named after Dye. The coach is also a frequent speaker at Auburn booster and alumni functions.

All that didn’t deter Birmingham-based radio show host Finebaum from pressing Dye on why he was a “no-show” for the program last week. The former coach maintained that he had planned to appear on the show but that he never received a call from the program’s producer.

That led to this testy exchange: Read more…

A&M Regent Stallings: TX To Pac-10 ‘Is Accurate’

Former longtime college football coach and current Texas A&M Board of Regents member Gene Stallings guested on the syndicated Paul Finebaum radio show Friday afternoon.

Gene Stallings Texas A&M Regent Thinks Texas Is Gone To The Pac-10

Stallings reportedly is one of the individuals serving on the A&M board who wants the school to consider SEC conference affiliation. His comments today to Finebaum, though guarded, did confirm his interest in that prospect.

During the interview Stallings said, “it may be to our (A&M) advantage” to join the SEC but the former Alabama coach also didn’t rule out any conference affiliation for the school. When asked by Finebaum if he’d talked to anyone affiliated with the SEC about A&M joining the conference, Stallings said, “I’ve talked to one or two.

Stalling noted that the A&M Board of Regents had not met recently and that he did not know the desires of some of other board members - including the chairman.

When trying to get a feel for just how hard Stallings will push for A&M’s entry into the SEC, his comments about the school’s relationship with Texas were much more telling. Read more…