Fridge Gets Repairs; Griffey HR Grabber Homeless

One by one, the SbB Girls are slowly taking over the media landscape.

William “Refrigerator” Perry had to be brought in for maintenance.

William Refrigerator Perry

• See what happens when you bite & punch kids just to grab a Ken Griffey Jr. home run ball? You wind up on the streets.

Michael Irvin’s house is a very, very, very fine house.

Geddy Lee Rushes to Kansas City to give some special autographed gifts to the Negro Leagues Museum.

• One EliteXC fighter wasn’t so impressed with Kimbo Slice’s primetime debut.

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Geddy Gifts Negro Leagues Museum w/Rare Balls

Geddy Lee (lead Canadian Rush-er: 1968-1997; 2006-present) loves baseball more than you. He’s been in fantasy baseball teams since the 80s (and now demands only 40-man keeper leagues), has been caught in more jerseys than Kendra Wilkinson, and sang the best rendition of the best anthem before the World Series:

And when he passed through Kansas City in support of Rush’s latest album, he brought an extra trunk with him filled with 200 incredibly rare signed baseballs from Negro League players or proponents. He then gave the entire collection to the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City. There’s so many that the museum hasn’t yet deduced how to show them all.

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