$2 Million Lawsuit Falsely Clears Mizzou Of Blame

Back in 2005, the Missouri football team lost a freshman defensive end named Aaron O’Neal, who collapsed during a summer workout and died shortly thereafter. Only last month, nearly four years later, did the University of Missouri settle a lawsuit with O’Neal’s family, which awarded them $2 million.

Aaron O'Neal

But there’s plenty that’s fishy about the settlement, which is sort of to be expected when dealing with young men who die under athletic supervision. As the ASSOCIATED PRESS notes, the settlement is worded (and trust us, this is no accident) to absolve anyone involved of blame:

Missouri agreed in March to pay O’Neal’s parents, settling a 3 1/2-year-old suit before trial. The settlement includes language that attributes no fault to [head coach Gary] Pinkel, athletic director Mike Alden, sports medicine director Rex Sharp, strength and conditioning director Pat Ivey and 10 other current or past university employees.

That’s incredibly strange, when you consider the litany of decisions made by Missouri staff that likely directly led to O’Neal’s death. Read more…

God Answers Prayers For Tebow But Not Tigers

Maybe praying for Tim Tebow works after all. Certainly, any prayers for LSU coach Les Miles fell flat, as the Tigers were whacked 51-21 by Tebow’s Florida Gators in a match-up of the last two BCS national champions. At least Miles didn’t get struck by lightening, so maybe your prayers helped after all.

LSU Tigers vs. Florida Gators

Florida went up 20-0 early, and after allowing LSU to close to 20-14 early in the third quarter, Tebow was able to steady the ship and the Gators rattled off 21 unanswered points to put the game well out of reach.

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Is Anyone Out There Not Named Paige Green?

We now know there are at least three different Paige Greens floating around on the internet. One is the former Raiders cheerleader who will soon marry John Elway.

Paige Green John Elway

Another Paige Green had a very public engagement pronouncement in the SEATTLE P-I two years ago, and now is married to a gentleman named Reagan Dunn.

And a third Paige Green is a B-Movie actress listed on IMDB.

We’re not the first to confuse the multiple Ms. Greens, but Friday we reported that the woman who was noted in the Seattle engagement announcement was the same person who is now engaged to John Elway. That isn’t the case, and all apologies to all parties.

Today’s water’s wet, sky’s blue story is brought to you by TMZ.com.

Warren Sapp Dancing With The Stars Tantrum

Warren Sapp’s an a$$hole: “Our spies at “DWTS” tell TMZ Sapp’s big head and man-diva attitude are causing problems. We’re told he talks down to everybody (especially the guy dancers and production assistants), yells at people and consistently walks out of rehearsals with partner Kym Johnson.

Well at least he has his chronic halitosis to fall back on.

Remember those two goons from COI (that’s City of Industry to non-Angelenos) who are trying to lure the NFL to The Basin?

Not. Looking. Good. *shock* Read more…

Saban Somberly Remembers Kent State Shootings

Last Sunday was the 38th anniversary of the Kent State shootings, when National Guardsmen fired on Vietnam protesters, killing four students at the Ohio college. And one person who will never forget is Nick Saban.

Nick Saban Kent State Shootings

Bill Reiter of the KANSAS CITY STAR talked to the Alabama coach about the events that happened on that day in 1970. Saban was a defensive back on the Golden Flashes football team - and was at school when the infamous shots were fired. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Teddy Bear Toss At Hockey Game

• FUNKY FRESH VIDS went to a hockey game, and a teddy bear toss broke out:

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Eli Manning sack

• HALOS HEAVEN reports a snag in talks to bring Miguel Cabrera to Anaheim.• MSN and POPULAR MECHANICS break down the anatomy of a football hit.

• INSIDE USC tunes in news that Thursday’s Trojans-Sun Devils game was one of the highest-rated Thanksgiving college games ever:

usc arizona state

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT flies high with these college kids attempting a real-life game of quidditch.• MY FOX KANSAS CITY shares the spotlight, as Mark Mangino & Gary Pinkel are both named Big 12 Co-Coaches of the Year.