Michael Phelps Splashes Up Gold Medal Number 2

You know, it seems that every time the Summer Olympics roll around, there’s an American swimmer who is supposed to break Mark Spitz‘ record of seven gold medals. Then, invariably, that swimmer fails. Michael Phelps was supposed to do it in Athens back in 2004, and came up with eight medals - but “only” six golds. Well, after watching last night’s 4×100 freestyle relay, I’m starting to think that Spitz’ record is finally going to fall.

US Mens Swimming 4x100 Freestyle Relay


While Phelps’ pursuit of eight gold medals is still the story in men’s swimming this year, it was Jason Lezak who stole the show for one night. As the anchor for the United States men’s team, things looked over before Lezak even entered the pool. The French team, which had been talking smack about the race all week, had a rather large lead in the race. World record holder Alain Bernard - the man who said France would “smash” the Americans -  entered the pool long before Lezak, and it didn’t look like Lezak had any chance of catching him.

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