Proof That UNC’s Lawson Is Quite The Gambler

We’re just hours away from the Final Four, and right on cue, we’ve got an NCAA ethics scandal. According to the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER North Carolina point guard Ty Lawson has been hanging out in Detroit casinos, though it’s not known whether he’s been doing any gambling or not. The Inquirer piece comes complete with an immediate Roy Williams defense, but it took blog BUSTED COVERAGE only a matter of hours to get snapshots of the guard in earlier action … off the court.

north carolina ty lawson gambling craps

That’s why the bigger issue for Williams and co. now is the set of photos BUSTED uncovered, shots which show Lawson gambling at craps tables in Reno, Nev. on New Year’s Eve. Why is that such a big deal? Well, considering the fact that the NCAA still has an ongoing investigation into the University of Toledo’s programs for alleged point-shaving, Nevada casinos probably aren’t the best places to be hanging around killing time … or placing bets that can land you in debt taht would warrrant, say, shaving points in a Final Four game.

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Odds Are Barkley Could Face Jail Time Over Debt

We suppose it’s no surprise that gambling goof Charles Barkley is being sued over $400,000 he borrowed from a Vegas casino and never paid back.

Charles Barkley book cover

(The Wynn Las Vegas certainly isn’t)

But as the LV sports blog MR. SUNSHINE reports, the stakes are now a little higher for Sir Charles, as the TNT analyst could be booking rooms for the big house if he’s tried & convicted of felony theft. Read more…