Athletes Show All For Playboy; Hair-Raising Cards

Brandi Chastian’s bra brouhaha has nothing on this Brazilian soccer babe.

• Hot on the heels of Ashley Harkleroad’s announcement, we uncover the naked truth on how often athletes have bared all for Playboy.

Gabrielle Reece Playboy cover top

• Upper Deck wants to condition us into buying these hair-filled cards. Next, special-edition SbB sets featuring freshly-shorn follicles from Brooks.

• How cool is Rick Sutcliffe? Not only can he kick cancer’s ass, but he’ll steal a base just to win Bill Murray some beer.

Kobe explains how he jumps over snakes, while Mrs. Bryant jumps all over an ESPN writer.

• The Yankees want to pull the plug on an All-Star promotion that might feature David Ortiz. Well, we should’ve know there was Red Sox trouble at the Stadium had we seen the warning signs.

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80 Foot Wave Crushes Laird Hamilton Who Then Saves Partners Life

HAMILTON CRUSHED BY 80-FOOT WAVE, BARELY SURVIVES: The HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN reports that some of the largest waves ever seen in Maui surfaced Monday, and famed surfer Laird Hamilton and his surf partner, Brett Lickle, were nearly killed trying to ride them.

Laird Hamilton

Lickle towed Hamilton on a jet ski to one of the waves, which eventually wiped them both out. In the impact, Lickle’s calf muscle was torn in half and was hanging off his leg.

Laird Hamilton

Hamilton eventually located Lickle (after a 15 minute swim) and tore his wetsuit off to use as a torniquet, probably saving Lickle’s lower leg. It took 56 staples to close the wound, but Lickle should recover fully.

Laird Hamilton Gabby Reece

If it’s any consolation to Hamilton, at least he had something warm and cozy to go home to.

Amanda Beard Nude Playboy Photos Posted; Getting Good, Bad, Indifferent Reaction

GOOD, BAD, INDIFFERENT REAX TO BEARD POSING NUDE: PLAYBOY recently announced that U.S. Olympic swimming Gold Medalist Amanda Beard will strip off her Speedo and pose “for a mouth-watering layout.”

Amanda Beard Nude Playboy Photos

Beard isn’t the first high-profile female athlete to be bought enticed into working in the softcore porn industry.

Katarina Witt Gabriella Reece Nude Photos

Legendary figure skater Katarina Witt has long posed nude, along with volleyball giant Gabriella Reece.

Amanda Beard photos

WITH LEATHER reports that some in the female sports community aren’t happy about Beard’s decision and AOL FANHOUSE notes that an internal debate over her nude spread is raging in the competitive swimming community - as to the negative effect it may have on the sport.

Amanda Beard Nude Playboy Photos

So reaction so far is good, bad and indifferent. Having seen Beard’s already plentiful hyper-racy images in various Men’s mags already, you can classify us in the latter category.

Aniston Vacates Vaughn, Turns To Reece For Help

Jen Aniston scuttled Vince Vaughn’s recent marriage proposal and then dumped the bloated boozebag.

Numerous media outlets report that the empty-headed actress has since turned to her circle of friends for support - who include Sheryl Crow, Courteney Cox and volleyball vixen Gabrielle Reece.

Aniston would do well to avoid the ripped Reece, lest she get overshadowed - figuratively and literally.

With the volleyballer back in the news, Yahoo searches on Reece are up 56%. I’m guessing lubriderm sales are skyrocketing at a similar clip.

Aniston should also exercise to this vid to help exorcise thoughts of sex with Vince “Body By Pringles” Vaughn - and avoid the prospect of dating a an individual of questionable sexual orientation.