University Student Has A Cooler Name Than You

Every now and then, a story will appear about some dopey parents naming their newborn child something stupid, like Saban or Kobe or Espn, in honor of their favorite coach, cut of beef or, uh, TV station. Usually, the story is accompanied by a picture of the proud parents sitting in the living room of their trailer pre-fabricated home, wearing their finest team sweatpants. These people are then mocked by the rest of us, life goes on, the kid ends up dropping out of high school to become a produce clerk, the end.

Welcome to the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field

None of this scorn and ridicule applies, however, to a certain member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison student government. Her name, you see, is Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, and she deserves nothing but respect.

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Brian Suksomwong Becoming The Comedy Event of The Sports Year

EX-UCLA BAND MEMBER MUST BE A BIG HIT W/THE LADIES: DEADSPIN plays the name game, as the amusing moniker of a former UCLA band member is causing chuckles and generating guffaws among the blogosphere.

Brian Suksomwong

The name raising a ruckus? Brian Suksomwong.Is such a name the funniest in existence?

Dick Trickle

Ask Dick Trickle.Or Chris Porn.

And don’t talk crap about FIFA Player of the Year Kaka.