Quincy Carter Only Wants $5 Million From Dallas

We’ve documented the troubles that have befallen Quincy Carter over the years, not to heap scorn upon him but to highlight the difficulties and pains of making it as a quarterback in a world that, for some weird reason, looks down on drug addicts. We’re with you all the way, man! Hang on, I have to snort a mountain of cocaine.

Quincy Carter is happy
(Carter, rejoicing after putting the entire 35 yard line up his nose.)

Where were we? Ah yes, Quincy. He hasn’t forgotten his unceremonious release from the Dallas Cowboys a few years ago, and evidently, neither has his attorney. According to SPORTS RADIO INTERVIEWS (via THE SPORTING BLOG), Carter told WCNN that he’s still owed a couple bucks from the ‘Boys for wrongful termination (audio at link). Nothing much, nothing that, oh, five milly couldn’t fix: Read more…