First Arctic Playoff Football Game A Frozen Delight

Taking football on the “frozen tundra” to a whole new level, the Barrow High School Whalers in Alaska won the first high school playoff game ever played north of the Arctic Circle on Saturday. The cheerleaders were looking good too, going as far as showing a little nose:

Barrow cheerleader

(Photo by Eric Engman of the FAIRBANKS NEWS-MINER)

In temperatures that reached a balmy (for this time of year) 28 degrees, with 25 mile-per-hour winds and snow covering the field, Barrow beat Houston (a school in the Anchorage area) 46-18 in the state quarterfinals. While NFL playoff games have seen harsher conditions, those games are played in January, when the average high in Barrow is minus-8 and the sun never comes up.

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Marathoner: “I Can Live a Good Life Without Toes”

We told you it was cold in Wisconsin last weekend - so cold it turns out, that an Iowa runner is about to lose some body parts.

Otter Pops

The ASSOCIATED PRESS has the chilling news that 27-year-old Andrew Wells fell victim to frostbite during a day-long run in the Frozen Otter Ultra Trek. As a result, he’ll have to have some appendages amputated.

Despite temperatures dipping to 15 below zero, Andrew was the only runner to reach the 40-mile checkpoint. In fact, he got turned around and ended up back at the starting line - spending almost 17 hours outside in freezing conditions. Sadly, his icy victory came at a price.

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