Chase Daniel Really Admires Colt McCoy’s Ass

While it’s widely accepted that the SEC has been the best conference in college football over the last few years, things may be changing a bit this year. Right now the Big 12 has four teams in the top 10 of the BCS rankings, and five in the top 15. A big reason for this is quarterback play, as Texas has Colt McCoy, Oklahoma has Sam Bradford, Texas Tech has Graham Harrell, and Missouri has Chase Daniel.

Well, Chase was recently asked by Kirk Herbstreit which quarterback beside himself he would want to take the ball in the final two minutes of the game. Daniel chose UT’s McCoy, and the reason he gave may have included a Freudian slip. Thankfully, EVERYDAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY had the video, and it’s after the jump.

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Tiki Torches Jenna Wolfe On Air w/Naughty Word

While it appears that former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber has made the transition from football player to annoying guy on television pretty smoothly, it appears there are still some wrinkles that need to be ironed out. While Barber was on the gridiron, when a linebacker would insult him on the field after a play, Tiki could turn to him and say whatever he wanted back.

Tiki Barber

That’s not how things work on television, though, and something Tiki said to his MSNBC colleague Jenna Wolfe has gotten him in some trouble. Apparently Tiki doesn’t like Wolfe all that much, and he let her know about it on air. Whether he did it on accident, or on purpose, it’s pretty obvious Tiki called Jenna a “total medal count.” Except take the “o” out of “count.” See the video after the jump.

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Did GM’s Verbal Tick Reveal Dolphins’ First Pick?

Having toweled off after detailing Bill Parcells’ training camp golf cart in the stifling South Florida humidity, Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland met with the media today.

Jeff Ireland Sigmund Freud

When he was asked about Miami’s first selection in next week’s NFL draft, Ireland suffered a verbal slip that might’ve expose a significant sliver of the Fins’ intention for pick. (audio after the jump) Read more…

Announcer: “Continued Good Sex In The Big East”

Great find by Michael David Smith of Fanhouse today. Jim Spanarkel, the man we normally only see for those scintillating 1-vs-16 tournament tilts (hello Len Elmore!), has an amusing Freudian slip while interviewing Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez recently:

For those without sound, Gonzalez said, “The emotion, the energy, the buzz in the building, just spectacular, they were our sixth man, and it really was a special, special win for them.”Spanarkel then, smooth as silk, closes with, “Congratulations. Continued good sex in the … ugh, sex … in the Big East.