Pro Boxer To Undergo Most Radical Of Surgeries

Go ahead and take a good look at the picture below for a second. You’re looking at the face of professional boxer and Ricky Hatton sparring partner Rob Newbiggin. At first glance, a couple of things really stand out about this picture. First, the quality - it’s a screen capture from an MSNBC profile of the boxer. Second, the head - Newbiggin appears to have “cornrows” tattooed on his dome. Makes grooming easier, whatever. Third, the nose - Newbiggin’s nose looks like it’s been broken a dozen or so times…and it probably has. Such is the life and look of a low-level pugilist who’s devoted his career to getting punched in the face.

Rob Newbiggin

But Newbiggin is not your everyday average Scouser fighter, despite the hardscrabble looks. No, Newbiggin wants something more out of life, something more than most people could experience. You see, Rob Newbiggin has decided to become a woman.

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