Erin Andrews Responds To Rankled Rutgers Fans

People in New Jersey have never been shy about sharing their feelings with others, usually going on about how Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi are the greatest things to happen to music since, well, ever. So clearly, though they have no problem expressing themselves, they aren’t the smartest people in the country.

Still, it’s hard to blame the good people of New Jersey for being upset when they found out that Rob Stone was going to be working the sidelines of yesterday’s game between Rutgers and Fresno State instead of the lovely Erin Andrews. After all, I’m guessing about 50-60% of the males in attendance only bought tickets to the game because they were under the impression that Andrews would be working the sidelines. Those fans weren’t alone in their frustration either, as even Erin took the time to write Stone a letter about the whole thing. A letter Rob shared on the air.

Video of Rob’s reading after the jump.

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Milftastic College Hoops Coach Now Milftastic GM

We fondly remember Stacy Johnson-Klein, the former milftastic matron of the Fresno State women’s basketball team, who became embroiled in a bitter legal battle with the school over her firing & her resulting sexual harassment lawsuit.

Stacy Johnson Klein is number 1

And now we’re happy to learn from ERRATIC MAGIC that Ms. Johnson-Klein has found employment once again. And it’s not just some sideline job - Stacy’s going to become the general manager of a certain b-ball team in Oklahoma.

Unfortunately, it’s not the one you’re thinking of. Fortunately, Stacy’s also seeking opportunities for book & movie deals. Read more…

Fore! *Hic!* John Daly Uses Beer Can As Golf Tee

Brooks uncovers all the fun he found during his visit to the Playboy Mansion.

John Daly finds more than one way to enjoy a beer on the golf course.

John Daly beer can golf tee

• Astros GM Ed Wade is all choked up over Shawn Chacon’s suspension.

Pete Carroll got into a little fender-bender with a cop car from the L.A. Sheriff’s Department - or did he?

• So much for Maria Sharapova celebrating another Wimbledon win.

• The Iraqi Olympic soccer team has been blown up - not literally, thankfully.

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Fresno State Top Dogs as NCAA Baseball Champs

Hearty congratulations to the Fresno State Bulldogs for winning the College World Series. The Bulldogs from central California defeated the Bulldogs from Athens, Georgia, 6-1, to claim the 2008 NCAA baseball championship. (Not that Brooks minded the loss by his alma mater too much, as he was too busy chasing bunnies.)

Fresno State College World Series champs

Originally ranked as a 4th seed in the Long Beach regional, the Bulldogs became the lowest seeded team ever to clinch a NCAA national title in any sport. To put it in perspective, Fresno’s victory was like Siena or Winthrop beating Kansas or UCLA to win the Final Four.

As with any good underdog story, Fresno State had to deal with their share of adversity to make it to the top. And who better than ESPN to tell the tales of woe: Read more…

Arizona State’s Bogus Baseball Fight Strikes Out

With their season on the line in a winner-take-all match-up against Fresno State, it was a tense time among the Arizona State baseball team. In fact, the tension reached a point where a couple of Sun Devils players chose to duke it out even before the first pitch.

Arizona State Sun Devils baseball

But as it turns out, the pre-game fracas was a phony. Say what?

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NCAA To Investigate Mayo With ‘New Information’

NCAA Commissar Myles Brand has announced that former USC star O.J. Mayo will be investigated after learning of “new information” about Mayo’s alleged acceptance of cash and gifts while still enrolled in school.

OJ Mayo Cash

It is presumed that Brand shouted his intention to investigate from a very tall window overlooking the NCAA parking lot, while holding his outstretched arm at a 45-degree angle. Read more…

Milftastic FSU Hoops Coach Takes The $6.6 Million

A follow-up to Saturday’s update on former Fresno State women’s hoops coach Stacy Johnson-Klein’s sexual harassment suit: the FRESNO BEE says Johnson-Klein will take the reduced $6.6 million award the judge handed down (cut from the jury’s $19.1 million) and avoid a new trial.

Stacy Johnson-Klein

But this may not be the end of it: after having its collective behind handed to it thrice by former female coaches or administrators in sexual harassment trials and a fourth lawsuit on the way, the Fresno State brass is still considering an appeal.

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Milftastic Hoops Coach Loses $12.5M Off Ruling

You may recall back in December that former Fresno State women’s hoops coach Stacy Johnson-Klein went and won herself a $19.1 million dollar award from a jury in her sexual harassment trial. Well, like most civil suits with large awards, the FRESNO BEE reports that a judge has hacked that down to a more manageable $6.6 million, should she choose to accept it.

Stacy Johnson-Klein

Johnson-Klein has a little less than two weeks to accept the money on the table or pursue a new trial. This won’t take any heat off of the Fresno State administrators, though, as Klein’s case was merely the third major sexual harassment claim the school had to deal with from its athletics department — the school has handed out multi-million dollar judgments or settlements to former volleyball coach Lindy Vivas and former athletic administrator Diane Milutnovich, and that has politicians calling for heads to roll.

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Milftastic Hoops Coach Stacy Johnson-Klein Wins $19 Million In Sex Harassment Suit

MILF-TASTIC COACH WINS $19M SEX HARASS JUDGEMENT: KSEE-TV in Fresno is all over the sex harassment trial of former Fresno State women’s basketball coach Stacy Johnson-Klein (photo link!).

Stacy Johnson-Klein

Johnson-Klein sued the institution for gender discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation after she was fired by the school two years ago. A verdict was reached in the trial yesterday, and here are the astonishing rewards J-K won from the jury (which took only hours to deliberate the case):

Stacey Johnson-Klein

- $634,254 for past economic losses
- $4.4+ million for future loss of income
- $3 million for past non-economic losses like mental suffering
- $11 million for future pain and suffering(!)

Pat Hill

$11M for future pain and suffering? We think that money would’ve been better spent on FSU football coach Pat Hill after he endured watching his defense this season.