Philadelphia Reporter: Freddie Mitchell Arrested

It’s been a tough 2009 for former Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell. In February, the LAKELAND (FL) LEDGER reported him being investigated by local police after he was delivered a FedEx package at his barbecue restaurant - originally addressed to his 90-year-old grandmother - that contained seven pounds of marijuana.

Reporter: Freddie Mitchell arrested in Philadelphia for not paying child support

Six months later, Mitchell lost the same restaurant in a court fight after a Lakeland judge ruled that Mitchell, who had entered into a lease-to-own agreement with the owner, “hadn’t paid the remaining purchase price.”

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God Tells Allen Iverson He’s to Migrate to Memphis

• Why would Allen Iverson ever join the Grizzlies? Because God told him to.

Allen Iverson God

Andrea McNulty is willing to drop her sexual assault lawsuit against Ben Roethlisberger - as long as Big Ben admits he did it.

• A foolish foursome tries to steal Cal Ripken Jr.’s “8″ statue from the front of Camden Yards.

• The Redskins are redfaced over the bad publicity of suing a 72-year-old woman over season tickets, so they opt not to take grandma’s 66 grand.

• Since when did Cole Hamels go the David Beckham metrosexual route?

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Why Not Try Some Freddie Mitchell Boner Coffee?

Would you like a little more romance in your life, but are too embarrassed to buy Viagra? Are you constantly thinking, “If only I could get sexually aroused via a delicious cup of coffee“? Former Philadelphia Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell is here to help, as you knew he would be.

Freddie Mitchell

Introducing Magic Power Coffee — which, according their web site, is like “two Viagra in a Starbucks latte.” Mitchell is all over Twitter promoting the product and its AllXClub “Invitation Only: Special Pre-Launch, September 1 – September 15″. And you know that Mitchell wouldn’t steer you wrong: He once showed up at an Eagles’ press conference wearing oven mitts, saying “I’d like to thank my hands for being so great.”

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T.O. Explains Why Donovan McNabb Resents Him

I’ll admit to being skeptical when I heard Terrell Owens was headed to Dallas to revitalize his career. Again. The embattled wide receiver had basically burned every bridge on his way out of town in San Francisco and Philadelphia, and there was no way he wouldn’t eventually do the same with Jerry Jones‘ Cowboys.

Terrell Owens cries

Funny story: T.O. has epitomized what it’s meant to be a model teammate (save that bizarre suicide-attempt thing), and went so far as to defend his quarterback from the media during a blubber-filled, post-playoff-loss press conference last year. It was oddly refreshing.

Well, the Cowboys will play the Eagles on Monday night in the biggest matchup of the young season, and Owens used the occasion to explain why things never worked out with Philly quarterback Donovan McNabb. (Shockingly, it’s not T.O.’s fault. Didn’t see that coming):

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Blog Jam: Sexy Synch Swimmers Not At Olympics?

• WITH LEATHER is sad to discover that Bia & Branca Feres, the similarly sexy synchronized swimmers from Brazil, aren’t on any Olympic roster.

Bia & Branca Feres

• DEADSPIN feels a great disturbance in the Force, as the Death Star makes a cameo at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies.

• Now that Dan Marino has declined to go Dancing With The Stars, NEXT ROUND taps up a list of 11 former athletes they’d like to see on the show.

• ESPN’S NFL NATION finds ex-collegiate skiing star Jeremy Bloom trying to slalom his way to a Steelers roster spot.

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Bloggers vs. MSM: Quiz Bowl Is The Only Solution

• Inspired by very special “Saved By The Bell” episode, Clay Travis of CBS SPORTS suggest sports bloggers & the mainstream media end their feud once & for all with a quiz bowl showdown.

Buzz Bissinger Will Leitch Saved By The Bell

(Buzz Bissinger & Will Leitch butt heads in a Battle of Brawny Brains! With special guest referee - Mr. Belding! [OK, maybe not.])

• THE 700 LEVEL proudly presents pics of “The People’s Champ” Freddie Mitchell living it up royally among some female subjects.

Tom Ziller of AOL FANHOUSE is happy to share all the things Doc Rivers did wrong in Game 3.

• HOME RUN DERBY is so bored with the San Francisco Giants, they’d rather spend their time at AT&T Park watching the wind try to tip over a full beer.

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