Brog: If Only We Were As “Edgy” As NFL Sidelines

SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL writer Ethan Skolnick has his perspective on the UNDFTED “sports blogs vs. main media vs. athletes” thing - at today. His piece on blogs, which features SbB prominently, is a part of a MSNBC web package examining how sports media coverage is evolving (de-?).

SbB Blog Coverage Piece

Skolnick gives extensive treatment to sports blogs - and for that you also have to credit editors and producers at Of course, you still aren’t likely to see a substantive, somewhat even-handed piece on sports blogs on a newspaper site. The dinosaurs (management, not editorial) running those operations are too busy cutting buyout checks and overseeing outright layoffs to recognize the influence SbB, DSpin, WL, TBL, and other sites wield.

I’ll clarify some of my comments from the piece momentarily, but I have to first observe this funny from the piece’s obligatory academic:

“I read Deadspin and The Big Lead every day,” said Sandy Padwe, an associate professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. “But both of them are unbelievably misogynistic. It’s OK to scour the Internet and link to other things, some of which are obviously true. But then what is it with all the pictures of the women on there, half of them don’t relate to anything going on in sports?”

Now, I was thinking the same thing last time I saw body-painted, a$$-cracked models on And the Hooters Girls on And the Fantasy Sports Girls on AOL Fanhouse. And NFL cheerleaders warming adolescents in the front row with their eco-friendly ends. And the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER selling photos of Allison Stokke. And …

Houston Texans Cheerleaders

As some of you know, we can’t publish “edgy” SbB Girls photos that feature implied nudes, a$$ cracks, thongs, see-thru, etc., if we expect to land Madison Avenue advertisers. That practice is reserved for 75-year-old brands or billion-dollar internet ops.
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New Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Joe Torre Needs A Cap That Fits

IT’S ABOUT TIME JOE TORRE FINDS A NEW HABERDASHER: Joe Torre’s finally the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Here he is all smiles at the official press conference held on Tuesday:

Joe Torre Dodgers hat

We do have one request to the McCourts in regard to their new employee - will someone get this guy a hat that fits?Seriously, look how it just seems to float above his head. Is he making Jiffy Pop under there?

We know how Joe spent 12 seasons with a Yankees cap precariously balanced on his chrome dome. And we realize how tight money is in the Bronx, what with a $200 million payroll and having to deduct the cost of meals from their coaches’ paychecks.

Joe Torre

But can anyone in Chavez Ravine dole out 25 bucks for a correctly fitted cap? Let him try on a few sizes. Or let the good people at New Era scientifically design Torre a new lid.Or maybe he should try wearing it backward. Then he’d be as stylin’ as Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst - someone we all aspire to be.

Fred Durst Limp Bizkit

On second thought, forget it.