MMAer Brags Of Hitting The Bong Before Bouts

It’s already time for this week’s installment of “This Is Why No One Takes MMA Seriously.” My, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were excoriating a fighter for assaulting a restaurant critic over a negative review. Now we have a main event fighter openly bragging about smoking marijuana before bouts.

Nick Diaz

(Does this look like the face of a man who smokes pot regularly?)

“I got high in my [hotel] room the night before every [UFC] fight,” said Nick Diaz, will be taking on Frank Shamrock on Saturday. The 25-year-old is 18-7 in his career, with one very glaring no contest, which we’ll get to later. You’d think that just two days away from stepping into a fight with one of the most dangerous men in the world, he’d want his head to be clear to concentrate. But that’s not how Diaz rolls.

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Erin Andrews Always Uses Protection At Games

• Please don’t bother Erin Andrews while she’s trying to work  - or her Bristol-based bodyguards will beat you up.

Erin Andrews

(”If you come even this close to me, my boys will snap your neck.“)

• Yardbarker’s Dewey Hammond gets all choked up meeting MMA fighter Frank Shamrock.

• An ex-Florida Gator who swiped a dead woman’s credit card is charging toward a spot on the Ole Miss roster.

• The Massillon Tigers get their own 80,000-square foot indoor football practice facility. Did we mention that Massillon is a high school in Ohio?

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MMA Fighter Chokes Out Blogger For The Hell Of It

Who says all bloggers are guys in their pajamas, writing from their parents’ basement? Some of us are actually out there in the trenches, getting out hands dirty with some firsthand reporting. Like this here gonzo journalist, who’s on a mission to get choked out by an MMA Champion.

Choking Sign

Thanks to Dewey Hammond at HARD FOR THE YARD, but even more thanks to Frank Shamrock for choking the s**t out of Dewey for our amusement. So we’ve got YouTube videos of Kimbo Slice giving a kid a charley horse for $100, and we’ve got YouTube videos of Frank Shamrock squeezing a man’s windpipe and knocking him unconscious in seven seconds. And we thought Slice was a legitimate fighter, why? (Video after the jump.)
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BlogJam: Sun Shines Bright on Ivanovic Vacation

  • ON 205TH MAGAZINE tracks down photos of the top female tennis player in the world, Ana Ivanovic, enjoying some time away from the court on vacation. Fortunately for us, the paparazzi are never on vacation.
  • Ana Ivanovic on Vacation

  • WALK OFF WALK’s bid for the Chicago Cubs was not accepted, but Mark Cuban’s bid was. If Mark was able to land the Cubs, our calendars would have zero Cuban-free months.
  • DEADSPIN’s Beijing Bureau provides some insight on last week’s report from the SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST that drinking establishments were instructed by the government not to serve blacks & Mongolians.
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES LAKER BLOG continues their coverage of the Laker Girl tryouts, this time with video evidence that TIMES’ blogger Adam Rose has a better job than you do.
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