Fox Sox-Yanks Viewers Switched To NASCAR Start

Bottom of the 9th. Two outs. Two strikes. The Boston Red Sox, up 4-3, are one more out away from defeating their hated rival, the New York Yankees. Robinson Cano is at the plate. Here’s the windup and the pitch …


robinson cano yankees NASCAR Phoenix

Welcome to tonight’s exciting NASCAR action!

Such a scene was seen by by viewers on Fox last Saturday, as the end of the Sox-Yanks game was suddenly interrupted by the start of the Subway Fresh Fit 500 in Phoenix. (Wonder if Jared told the gentlemen to start their engines - but not before interesting them in the latest additions to his ginormous porn collection?)

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Fox Out of Luck For Joe Buck’s Late Night Show

Dan Caesar of the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH has an update on Joe Buck and his burgeoning talk show career. If the Fox play-by-play titan does dive into late night TV, it likely won’t be on Rupert Murdoch’s network.

Joe Buck trading card

Buck recently called it quits on calling local Cardinals games, and has been working with former SNL writer Matt Piedmont on pitching a pilot to other major & cable networks. So, why isn’t Joe jiving with his current employer?

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