Michael Strahan Set To Star In Worst Sitcom Ever

A ton of people have Super Bowl rings, but not everyone gets their own sitcom. So when I read that Michael Strahan scored a lead in a show premiering this fall, I had to think he’s really moving up in the world. Wait, you say it’s a FOX show? How the mighty have fallen.

Michael Strahan

In “Brothers,” Strahan plays an retired football player named Mike living it up in New York , thereby showing off his range. But you better believe hijinks will ensue. And with the help of his wacky family, Mike will surely teach us all to laugh, and love.

Seriously, read the description and tell me this isn’t going to be just awful.

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Will FOX Give BCS Games To ESPN A Year Early?

A few months ago, we learned that ESPN is taking over the television rights for all of the BCS games starting in 2011 (the games at the end of the 2010 season). And Brooks has theorized that ESPN’s acquisition of the games will actually help make a college football playoff a reality.

Thom Brennaman and Tim Tebow

(Is the Brennaman-Tebow love affair coming to a premature end?)

Now, FOX — the lame-duck broadcaster for the games with one year left on its contract — is reportedly prepared to let ESPN take over a year early for the right price. Because the “national championship” game is going to be played at the Rose Bowl, ESPN already owns the rights to the game in addition the regular Rose Bowl game. So that means FOX would be stuck with two OK games and then a ratings-killer along the lines of Virginia Tech-Cincinnati. And unless Florida misses out on the title game, we wouldn’t get to hear Thom Brennaman gush about his bromance with Tim Tebow anyway.

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Total Exposure: Viking Pantless In Locker Room

After a comeback win that could be key to Minnesota’s playoff hopes, FOX got its cameras to go into the Vikings locker room for what it thought would be a touching moment of total access. Instead, the moment is bound to live in TV infamy for an incident of total exposure.

tsb shiancoe penis

(Screen grab from The Sporting Blog.)

As television cameras panned the locker room while team owner Zygi Wilf presented a game ball to coach Brad Childress — whose son has enlisted with the Marines and is awaiting a deployment to Iraq — they caught a few Vikings unprepared to be seen on live, national TV. One, in particular, happened to be missing, well, his pants. According to THE SPORTING BLOG, the exposed Viking covered up quickly, but not before TiVos everywhere snapped back to capture the moment forever. Hey, at least he knows he has Chris Cooley for company.

Yes, that is the poor, unsuspecting Vikings junk you see obscured by our masterful use of the Photoshop paintbrush tool (blurring of image may not be to scale). And who is the unsuspecting victim of Rupert Murdoch’s impetuous cameramen? After extensive research (i.e., clicking through every single player listed on the Vikings online roster), we’ve determined it’s none other than Visanthe Shiancoe: Morgan State grad, tight end and, we assume, decent human being who fell prey to the camera lens.

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Just Let the Sox Keep The Title And Call It Good

We’ve gotten to that point in the hubbub about Game 5 of the World Series that it’s now been “gated.” Yup, “Weathergate” has arrived. (Wouldn’t “Watergate 2: Cruise Control” be appropriate, though?) It looks like there’s a decent chance that the rain will have passed by game time tonight, but since it will be 8:37 before the first pitch of the bottom of the 6th inning arrives, it’s going to be very cold and still very windy.

Wet Philly Fans

(These two were just out of college when Game 5 started)

Bud Selig has another big problem on his hands tonight, one that involves deciding whether or not it’s OK to play baseball when the wind chill is only in the 20s. It’s not uncommon for teams to postpone games early in the season due to cold weather, even if it’s not raining. Selig now has to set the precedent for what is considered “acceptable conditions” for continuing the series. For what it’s worth, the forecast for Thursday night looks downright summer-like by comparison.

Of course, everyone has an opinion about all this. A roundup of sorts after the jump.

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Obama Pays $1M To Keep Jeanne Zelasko Off Air

I know that FOX and FOX NEWS aren’t exactly the same thing, but they’re all supposed to be in the tank for McCain, right? Well, maybe even they’re jumping off that bandwagon, as the network has convinced Major League Baseball to move the start time of the if-necessary Game 6 of the World Series back 15 minutes so Barack Obama can run a half-hour infomercial.

White Sox fan Obama

Obama has already purchased the 8:00-8:30 time block on October 29th from NBC and CBS, and is currently negotiating with ABC. The only obstacle to buying the same half-hour on FOX was the World Series, which was previously scheduled to have its first pitch at 8:22. MLB has agreed to move the start time to 8:35 to accommodate the Obama show. The best part of all of this? Way less Kevin Kennedy and Jeanne Zelasko. Yes we can!

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Giants-Pats Game Most Watched Super Bowl Ever

Sorry, Puppy Bowl. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that New York’s Giant upset over New England was the most watched Super Bowl ever.

Eli Manning Giants Super Bowl Trophy

According to the Nielsen numbers, over 97 million viewers tuned in to see Eli Manning out-duel Tom Brady on Sunday, with 81% of the sets in Boston and 67% of the TVs in New York tuned into the game.

Fox’s pre-game festivities, including a red-carpet walk hosted by Ryan Seacrest, helped bring in the “American Idol” crowd - and also bring up some amusing quips from the boys in the booth.

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Blogga-Knockin’: Kardashian’s Full Frontal Attack

THE BIG LEAD has the photo find of the year (ok, maybe not) of Kim Kardashian (bottom - of course - item):

Kim Kardashian Lingerie Photo Halloween With Blonde

• MISTER IRRELEVANT introduces us to the Washington Wizards’ “White Hole (no, it’s not Marion Berry’s nasal cavity).

• The NEW YORK POST has a sign the Yanks are about to move:

Yankee Stadiujm

• WITH LEATHER reveals Roy Jones’ resistance at wearing a Ron Paul tattoo for his fight tonight against Felix Trinidad.

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NFL Camera Guys Don’t Appreciate Your Snowball

Question: Why did the NFL schedule the NFC championship game as a night game? Why not stage the AFC game on Saturday afternoon and the NFC Game on Sunday afternoon? Or start the AFC game earlier so the Packers-Giants game wouldn’t be played in sub-zero temperatures? (yeah, we know about the TV ratings/money thing)

Packers Fans Wearing Cheese Bras

We’re not worried about the players, we’re worried about the fans (who drink to much and wear too little).

Oh yeah, and the cameramen. USA TODAY has a note today Bob Wishnie, who will be manning the moving cart along the sideline for Sunday night’s game - and his profoundly preventive method of dress.

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World Series Games No Longer Necessary On Fox; Air Time Hopefully Filled With Simpsons Reruns


Look on the bright side, Rockies fans:

Rockies Simpsons

Now that they’re no longer necessary, maybe Fox will fill those Game 5,6 & 7 slots with hilarious “Simpsons” reruns.