Your Difference Between San Francisco And L.A.

We don’t paint over artistic tributes to the fallen heroes of the greatest nation on earth five days before Fourth of July. From the Venice Beach Boardwalk today:

Fourth of July in Venice Beach, CA

(Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag mural was still there)

More importantly, Happy 4th to the ones who most matter today: The troops overseas, stateside and all veterans. Can never thank you guys enough for your supreme sacrifice. (And we got your back on Venice Beach, homies) Read more…

Yankees Fan Beaten After Fireworks on the Fourth

Robert Correia of Falmouth, MA, sent a message to New York Yankees fans on the Fourth of July when he gathered together his closest mob violence buddies and surrounded a car trapped in traffic after Fourth fireworks in Falmouth, vandalizing the car and beating the driver about the head and body with a baseball bat. Not in our house! Do not bring that weak sauce in here!

Yankees license plate

The composition of that weak sauce? Having Yankees license plates. Not in Massachusetts, bro! This is our house! We must defend our house! Or else… other people not from our house will see our fireworks! That’s not cool, bro! That’s why I have to bring a baseball bat to the fireworks show. They’re everywhere, man!
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