Gophers Locker Room Includes Fake Title Trophy?

Part of the reinvention process that Tim Brewster has been helping the Minnesota Golden Gophers undertake - and lord knows they need it - is a return to their glory days of several decades ago. That means no more Metrodome; instead, they’ve got a brand-new open-air joint, TCF Bank Stadium, with state of the art facilities. The problem, however, is that Tim Brewster is in charge of this reinvention, so literally anything is possible.

Fake Minnesota Coaches' Trophy
(Hey, that looks pretty nice.)

As EDSBS noted this morning, the most immediately noticeable aspect of the new locker room in the tour that Brewster gives out on YouTube is the giant flashing M on the ceiling for no apparent reason. There’s also a glassed-off locker dedicated to famous Minnesota coach Murray Warmath, whose name is awesome*. Inside the locker is the iconic “crystal football” trophy for Warmath’s 1960 national title with Minnesota, the last in Gophers history. It’s a perfect reminder that expectations in Minnesota are for a title and nothing less.

One little problem, though; the title was in the 1960 season, but the “crystal football” trophy wasn’t first issued until 1986.

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