“Top Gear” Conducts Insane Road Test (w/ Video)

True motor aficionados know the finest car show on television is the BBC’s Top Gear, a program that combines thorough analysis of Britain’s latest cars with the razor-sharp deadpan wit that seemingly comes standard in every educated Londoner over 40.

Ford Fiesta Mall
(Why yes, that is a Corvette chasing a Fiesta through a shopping mall!)

Recently, a viewer challenged the staff to conduct a proper road test, “or have [they] forgotten how?” This is a preposterously brilliant challenge to put forward to people who test drive cars for a living. Top Gear, naturally, chose the Ford Fiesta Extreme*. They must have also considered the “Extreme” part of the name a challenge, because what ensued was, dare we say, 10 of the finest minutes in television history. Luckily for you, it’s after the break.

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