Did The World Need A “Rich Brooks” Ford F-150?

That’s the question we should all be asking ourselves. Forget this whole “economic recession” or “war in Iraq” junk, the real, deep epistemological questions all come down to the very existence of a custom truck designed by and for a coach who has put together a career marked only by being outstanding in his mediocrity.

rich brooks f150
(Rich Brooks F-150: Options include 20-yr lease on Motor City Bowl parking space)

That being said, the “Rich Brooks” F-150 looks like a sweet ride, so long as you’re into the whole white lightning look. Let’s be honest, that looks like exactly the kind of truck Barry Melrose should have been driving to work during his 10-game stint as coach of the Lightning. In fact, if he had been driving that truck, maybe the team wouldn’t have dumped him so quickly.

So what is the Rich Brooks F-150 bringing to the table? Outside of Ford’s “legendary toughness”, it’s got an awful lot of psuedo-sissy boy features:

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