Requiem For A Pacman: What’s Next For Jones?

Rich Gannon. Tim Brown. Priest Holmes. Steve McNair. Adam “Pacman” Jones. Which one of these names doesn’t belong? In a list of former NFL players, it’s looking increasingly like they all belong. Pacman joined the rest of those retirees on Spike TV’s “Pros vs. Joes,” and it might be the last football action he sees for a long time.

Pacman Jones

But don’t think this is a kinder, gentler Pacman. The reality show had its first ever fistfight, and it was instigated by Jones. I can’t help but notice your complete lack of surprise. The details, plus Jones’ plans for the future (fishing show host?), after the jump.

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FSU Out $5 Million If Bowden Coaches Past 2010

Florida State has seemingly gone out of its way to let Bobby Bowden walk away on his own terms, but Bowden and the Seminoles will have quite the interesting situation on their hands if he’s not ready to walk away after the 2010 season.

Bobby Bowden

FSU hasn’t been a juggernaut as of late, and even Bowden himself has indicated that he doesn’t think the program will see a major renaissance under his watch. But he’s just two wins behind Joe Paterno on the all-time list, and JoePa is signed up for three more years at Penn State.  If Bowden wants to end his career as the wins leader, he’ll have to stick around a while. But is it worth $5 million to the university?

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