TX FB Players Form Dog Pound, Defend Arsenio

Eight West Texas A&M football players had arrest warrants issued for them this week stemming from an incident in November when they (and many others, it seems, led by a guy named Arsenio) broke into a man’s apartment and proceeded to totally whale on him.

Arsenioooooooooooooooooooooo Geter

(”Now, here’s your ringleader, Arseniooooooooooooooooo Geter!”)

It sounds, from the story, like the victim is not exactly innocent, as it is alleged he used a racial slur in an argument with a friend of players, who went and gathered up some buddies to make a return visit to “discuss” why that slur made him upset.

West Texas A&M is the same school Ryan Leaf was coaching for until he resigned in November for trying to get pills from one of the players.

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DUI Doesn’t Keep OSU’s Worthington Off the Field

When the #2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes took the field to open up their season this afternoon with Youngstown State, their redshirt junior defensive tackle Doug Worthington was there with them. No not as an emotional leader on the sidelines in his sweatsuit, but with the Buckeyes on the field in uniform.

Doug Worthington

A little more than a month ago Worthington, 20, was caught driving his white Cadillac Escalade with a blood alcohol content somewhere between .o8 and .17. That’s not enough to keep him out of today’s game, however. Coach Jim Tressel allowed Worthington, who figures to be a key contributor to the Buckeyes, to take the field despite the fact that his case is still open and headed for pre-trial on October 1st.

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS (that’s in Michigan where they don’t think too kindly of OSU) reminds us that Tressel sat out third string quarterback Antonio Henton for seven games last season while waiting out his case for an arrest for soliciting a prostitute. So a third stringer looking for some love, and by love I mean sex with a professional, sits out seven games and a key contributor driving 42 in a 25 with some booze in the system gets more playing time.

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Coastal Carolina Football Goes For Arrest Record

Coastal Carolina University has only had a football program for five years, so in an effort to turn things around as quickly as possible, the Chanticleers have taken the Cincinnati Bengals’ approach to roster-building: find guys with police records who also happen to be pretty good football players, and pray they don’t get arrested.

Coastal Carolina

So far, so bad on that front for CCU. This morning, they had their third player arrest in a week, presumably in an effort to match the incarceration totals of Saturday’s opponent, the Penn State Nittany Lions:

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