UFL Team In San Francisco Drafts Cocaine Dealer

Earlier this week, the UFL — the attempted upstart league that would challenge the NFL (ed. note: Yeah right, never heard that one before) — held its inaugural draft. In the second round, the team from San Francisco drafted a defensive end out of Auburn, Marquies Gunn. Normally, that might not make headlines, except for the fact that Mr. Gunn has a few, how should we say, indiscretions on his record.

marquies gunn

(Dude, don’t be so threatened, he just wants to know if you want any cocaine …)

Yes, the aptly named Mr. Gunn is a drug dealer. According to this report from the ASSOCIATED PRESS, Gunn was arrested in February for trying to sell cocaine to an undercover police officer three times across a six month period. Hey, we can at least give him credit for his persistence, right?

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Bloomberg: NFL Loses $1.5B+ By Ignoring Betting

Like everywhere else, the NFL needs to find new revenue streams to ward off recession and accommodate new expenses for things like paying medical benefits for veterans. It’s hard to see how they’ll be able to do it given the current economic climate, unless you take a suggestion from a BLOOMBERG editorial written by Joe Saumarez-Smith into consideration. Saumarez-Smith claims that, by licensing betting on the league’s games, the NFL could easily net $1.5 billion per year … as a starting point.

football gambling

Granted, Saumarez-Smith has his own interests in mind; he’s the CEO of Sports Gaming, a British management consulting firm to the gaming industry. But he does make a number of important points, not the least of which is pure logic: Why should the league allow bets to be made in Las Vegas but not everywhere? All it would take is licensing casinos in other states to allow betting on NFL games. It’s not a hard thing to do.

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In Space Football, No One Can Hear You Scream

Though it may seem buried by an avalanche of pwned videos, naked ladies and racial epithets, the Internet can still surprise and amaze.

Presenting Exhibit A. It’s called SPACE SPORTILIZATION, and it’s as mind-blowing as its name implies. And yes, this is going to be explained by four-time NFL Pro Bowler and Washington Post contributor Ken Harvey, because why wouldn’t it be?

And it gets better.

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Favre’s Daughters Push Him To Play Another Year

The BILOXI (MS) SUN-HERALD scores an exclusive with home boy Brett Favre and the 238-year veteran (ok, it’s 17) provides the paper with a couple revelations.

Brittany Breleigh Favre

Favre, who is having his best season since 1996, first says, “I am trying to enjoy it because this could be my last game in Green Bay. For the first time in three years, I haven’t thought this could be my last game. I would like to continue longer.

Obviously the Packers’ profound success is pushing him to possibly stick around. But later in the convo the former USM Eagle reveals who is really pushing him to stay in Green Bay for another 12 months: His daughters Brittany and Breleigh.

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Did Brady Quinn Trade $500K For An NFL Career?

Great post today from RUMORS AND RANTS about Brady Quinn. They first remind us that the Cleveland Browns are set to extend head coach Romeo Crennel and will now likely re-sign restricted free agent quarterback Derek Anderson to a long term deal.

Brady Quinn

Now just what are you thinking if you’re Brady Quinn, who is parked firmly behind Anderson as the Browns’ backup? You’re probably plotting the demise of your agent, Tom Condon, who had you hold out of training camp for what turned out to be around $500K. While we’re not discounting that kind of jack, consider that as Quinn held out, Anderson put himself ahead of BQ on the depth chart and eventually claimed the full season startership.

After a fantastical first season as starter, Anderson is now set to be made by Romeo & Co.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

(Great Job, Tom!)

Carroll: ATL Gig “Not The Most Sought-After Job”

As usual, Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS has the best perspective on USC football news. Wolf reports today that Pete Carroll spoke to the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday about their vacant head-coaching position. This despite Carroll “denying any contact with the Falcons.

Pete Carroll Fan

Wolf also notes several sources saying that “Carroll spoke to the Falcons on Wednesday by phone from his vacation house in Haleiwa, Hawaii. Sources said the Falcons did not offer him the job.

Much more interesting (and amusing for that matter) are comments Wolf recorded Carroll saying before the Rose Bowl - in which he essentially trashed the quality of the Falcons head coaching position.

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Jaguars’ Official Site Affixes Asterisk On Patriots

We’ve generally found NFL.com pretty worthless from an editorial standpoint, since those churning out the content either work for the NFL or the individual teams. So the stories you’re likely to get are akin to something out of a high school student newspaper.

Jaguars Power Rankings Patriots Asterisk

But we now stand corrected, considering this piece of provocative editorial content put out by the Jacksonville Jaguars on their official website this week. Like every other website not nailed down, the NFL-sponsored site puts out weekly NFL power ranking from someone named Vic Ketchum.

This week’s power rankings have the Patriots, the Jags opponent in a Saturday playoff game, at #1, with an accompanying asterisk that says “cheated in one game“.

We suppose it’s a good thing Ketchum won’t be suiting up on the Jax punt team at Gillette in two days.

(Pointer from THE WORLD OF ISAAC)

UPDATE: The page was removed off the NFL.com-based live site 27 minutes after we posted this. Here’s the google cache of the page, just in case you think we were fibbing.

Don’t Get Excited, He’s Not Leaving Anytime Soon

Terry Bradshaw's Bitter Beer FaceThe NEW YORK POST today splashes “exclusive” next to a headline that reads “TERRY BRADSHAW SET TO RETIRE“.

One small detail. He’s not leaving after this season. Nor after next season. Or the Season after that.

He’s retiring when his contract expires after the 2011 season. Done laughing?

Does this sound a little attention-whorish on Bradshaw’s part? Or is the NYP manufacturing breaking news that is actually rather deflating (now, they would never do that).

The only thing mildy interesting thing in the piece is Bradshaw suggesting that Michael Strahan could replace him. But that probably won’t happen, since we doubt Strahan is going to put his life in suspended animation with the off-chance that he could get to rub elbows with Curt Menefee in four years.

Getting Jessica Simpson Thing Out Of The Way

We know most of you don’t really care whether Jessica Simpson will attend the Cowboys’ playoff game this Sunday against NYG in Dallas. That is, unless she were to wear a low-cut top or Daisy Dukes.

Jessica Simpson Daisy Dukes

But we feel it our duty to report, via US MAGAZINE, that Ms. Tony Romo will not be attending the game.

Her “rep” said, She is not attending. She is working on a new album.

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

Sadly, there’s no word though on if Joe Simpson plans to attend Sunday’s affair. Perhaps his attendance is predicated on locating a Cowboys’ beer helmet before kickoff.

Green Bay Makes Josh Brown’s Pants Feel Funny

Josh Brown Seattle Seahawks Kicker

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Seattle Seahawks kicker Josh Brown will have a novel way to combat the cold in Green Bay during Saturday’s playoff game against the Packers.

Brown will wear heated warm-up pants” that are installed with “battery-powered heaters for the calves, thighs and hamstrings.”

Brown told KIRO Radio that “no matter how low the temperature drops his legs will be 75 degrees“.

If only we had the same luxury when first approaching a girl in a bar on the Sunset Strip.