HS Football Star Gets Felonious In Epic Food Fight

It’s probably a good idea to never be involved in a giant fight, or really any situation where a man with a badge threatens you with arrest. If you must be in such a situation, though, whatever your views on authority would be, we cannot stress this enough: Do not “up the ante” by pulling a knife on said man with said badge. It always ends poorly. And for God’s sakes, don’t play with your food!

(It went down like this, except with deadly weapons, and nobody was having fun.)

Sadly, our advice comes a little too late for prep star Antwon Chisholm, who was accruing offers from a number of high-profile schools, like West Virginia and Georgia. Those offers are probably history, though, provided anything in the police report of a recent food court battle royale is anywhere close to true. As DR. SATURDAY reports, Chisholm decided to become the next subject of “When ‘Keeping It Real’ Goes Wrong” (audio NSFW) by earning felony charges when some stuff went down at the local mall: Read more…