Are Women’s Basketball Sites Getting Too Sexy?

Take a look at the photo below, from Texas A&M’s women’s basketball site (it’s also a poster). Too much? Are some women’s college teams, like Florida State, depicting their athletes in the sexiest ways possible, so as to distance themselves from the lesbian stereotype? I ask because I care.

(Sexy poster, or deleted scene from HBO’s “Big Love”?)

Jayda Evans, who covers college and pro women’s basketball for the SEATTLE TIMES, says that’s exactly what’s going on at some schools. She looks at the photo above, and others like it, and says, “I’m just concerned the sexualized look continues a different, damaging constant in women’s hoops — homophobia.” Whoa. Rebuttal? Yep.

Chantelle Anderson, Vanderbilt’s all-time leading scorer who played for three teams in the WNBA, lets Evans have it in a post on WOMEN TALK SPORTS, where she is a regular contributor. Have at it, ladies. (Notice how I avoided the term “catfight”? … oops).

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