Speed Read: Bills Blunder, Let Brady Off The Hook

You know the Bills have had a rough history when they can completely blow a game like they did last night, and you can think of like five worse that have happened to them over the years off the top of your head. Buffalo used a poorly-timed fumble on a kickoff that never should’ve been returned to come from ahead and lose to the Patriots, 25-24, in both teams’ season opener.

Tom Brady and Jim Kelly

(These guys have three Super Bowl rings between them)

It wasn’t a completely devastating loss for the Bills (they were, of course, supposed to lose). It’s not like Vincent Gallo’s going to make a movie about it or anything. But at this rate, the people of upstate New York are just going to start hoping the team moves to Toronto so they don’t have to be so miserable all the time. They also should be happy to know that Brady told his New England teammates that he “knew” the Bills would let them back into the game late.

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Week In Review: Reggie & Kim K. Kaput as Couple

• First Tony & Jess, and now Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian call it quits. NFL star giving his Hollywood honey the heave-ho trifecta now in play.

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush

• Tour de France teammate Alberto Contador has some strong words for Livestrong leader Lance Armstrong.

• Florida Panthers exec Uri Man is the man for making moves on Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt during an on-air interview.

Zorn has scorn for porn: The Redskins coach says he’s never seen any sexually explicit sites.

• The WNBA’s Washington Mystics won’t use a Kiss Cam at games because they’re afraid of locating lesbians locking lips.

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Panthers VP Hits On Fox Anchor During Interview

• Florida Panthers exec Uri Man shows what kind of man he his by hitting on Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt during an on-air interview.

Ainsley Earhardt Uri Man

Bud Selig softening on Pete Rose Hall of Fame ban? Don’t bet on it.

• Ladies & gentlemen, your 2009-10 Sacramento Kings Dance Team!

• And the Jeremy Mayfield meth mess goes on: NASCAR says they have witnesses that saw him do the drug.

• Just because “Zorn” rhymes with “porn”, that doesn’t mean the Redskins coach has ever wanted to seen any.

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Panthers Exec Puts Moves On Fox Anchor Chick

Too bad the Florida Panthers themselves aren’t as smooth as one of their vice presidents, Uri Man, who apparently tried to pick up FOX NEWS anchor chick Ainsley Earhardt during an interview on the economy on Saturday. And so “Does pink match yellow?” finally enters the cultural lexicon (video following the jump).

Ainsley Earhardt Uri Man

Man, who is actually the vice president of development for the Panthers’ parent company, at first simply appears to be engaging in friendly banter with Earhardt, mentioning that he knows where she went to college because he’d been “doing some reading on you.” But then the interview started to resemble an encounter at a singles bar. Read more…

Week In Review: Bynum Lifting Playboy Bunnies

• Need to speed up the rehab on your sore knee? Why not try the Andrew Bynum method of Playboy Playmate lifting?

Or if that doesn’t work, try Andrew’s patented Playboy hula hoop workout.

• If you had Jessica Michibata as your girlfriend, you’d race right to her after an Australian Grand Prix win, too.

• The Dallas cop who kept Ryan Moats at bay while his mother-in-law passed away really likes his work. Too bad he no longer has any.

• If you’re going to pose for pictures while partying at a Croatian club, don’t forget you have a game tomorrow.

• Posing with three hotties, Blake Griffin knows he’s number 1!

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Week In Review: Reggie & Kimmy K.’s Rotten Rain

• Fake rain: Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian toss out some money to Miami clubgoers - only to quickly grab it all back.

Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian

• Oh, baby: Candace Parker’s pregnancy has produced a couple of nice C-Cups for the WNBA star, while Dwight Howard’s ex-girlfriend shows up at a Magic game with his 1-year-old son.

• Meanwhile, Jenna Jameson is the proud mama of Tito Ortiz’s twins.

• Speaking of nice pairs, say hello to this flirty Florida Panthers fan.

• The AVP’s new ad campaign features some nice assets. And it’s all thanks to the volleyball tour’s new “Apprentice”-competing, Playboy-posing V.P.

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NHL Panthers Offer Free Tix, Still Can’t Sell Out

The Florida Panthers are a struggling franchise that hasn’t made the NHL playoffs in nine years, so the organization is trying to boost lagging attendance in a number of creative ways. One way is to offer “priority” for playoff tickets to people who buy a four-game plan, and if the team misses the postseason again (the team’s only one point out of a spot) they’ll get free tix to four games next year.

Florida Panthers crowd

(Another big night for hockey in South Florida)

It’s actually a pretty good idea, but once you hear about a promotion that already didn’t work, it’s unlikely that any amount of ingenious marketing is going to save this team. Last night, all you had to do was show up at a tent outside the arena and you’d get tickets … free tickets. They still couldn’t fill the place.

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Florida Panthers Fan Puts Her Puppies On Display

• A flirty Florida Panthers fan pulls up her jersey & shows off her goodies.

Florida Panthers fan exposing breasts

Too bad Mary Carey wasn’t also at rinkside.

• In case you hadn’t noticed, March Madness kicked off today!

• North Carolina stud Tyler Hansbrough lives off your hatred of him.

• Rebel yell: Brett Myers’ young’un is a redneck, and proud of it!

Chipper Jones tears into Toronto. What’s that all aboot, eh?

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Florida Hockey Fan Flaunts Her Funbags @ Game

With dwindling attendance in some markets & no broadcast deal with ESPN, the NHL could use a little more exposure. And one feisty Florida Panthers fan is more than happy to oblige.

Florida Panthers fan exposing breasts

TOTAL PRO SPORTS slaps up news of a young lady recently rinkside at the BankAtlantic Center who happened to catch the camera’s eye. When she realized she was suddenly the focus of attention, she decided to put on a little show - and put ‘em on the glass!

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Sidney Crosby Keeps Picking Ugly, Unfair Fights

Sidney Crosby is a punk? Don’t scoff, he’s really acting like it over the past couple of weeks. With the Penguins mired in a catastrophic losing skid, Crosby picked his second fight against an unsuspecting victim in two weeks, and his moves this time around were just as lowbrow as they were the first time. Poor Panthers center Brett McLean never saw Crosby coming.

sidney crosby jumps brett mclean
(Beware of the Sid The Kid sneak attack!)

According to FANHOUSE, and readily verified by the video after the jump, Crosby attacked McLean after a draw, a move which followed a squared-off bout between Maxime Talbot and Gregory Campbell moments earlier. Yet unlike the Talbot-Campbell fight, McLean never got a chance to get ready for Crosby, let alone accept the fight.

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