Allen Mom, Stepdad In Witness Protection Program

Bob Wolfley of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL, along with the Marc J. Spears of BOSTON GLOBE, reports today that everyone’s favorite ambush artists, ESPN’s E:60, will air a piece on Tuesday about Ray Allen’s family that reveals, “Flora Allen-Hopson, Allen’s mother, and Derek Hopson, Allen’s stepfather, have spent more than two years in a witness protection program, after the attempted murder of Hopson, a psychologist.

Ray Allen

The husband of the former wife of Hopson, Ernest Garlington, a counselor of at-risk kids, organized the attempted murder of Hopson. Recently, Garlington was sentenced to 33 years in prison on five counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

The story was widely reported earlier this month when Garlington was sentenced, but the ESPN piece will be the first to give the story national exposure, which calls into question something.

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