Meet Shaq’s New Live-In Girlfriend (Future Wife?)

Monday Shaquille O’Neal was in St. Louis for Albert Pujols‘ annual charity golf tournament. Afterwards, O’Neal and friends retired to the suburban Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine and Hookah Lounge for dinner.

Shaq and Hoopz

Lounge owner Sam David told the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH that while the NBA player was in his establishment, he may have made a monumental commitment.

“I think he may have proposed to his girlfriend,” Sam David said today. “He brought a chair into the middle of the dance floor and he put a ring on her finger.”

David said he did not know the name of the woman who was with Shaq, nor of any of the others in the new Boston Celtics center’s entourage.

So if David’s story is true, who is the lucky lady?

Shaq at St. Louis Restaurant Sahara

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T.O. Tackles Sitcoms w/Spot On Flavor Flav Show

If a Dolphins defensive end can Dance With The Stars, why can’t a Cowboys receiver find fame & fortune on a sitcom starring Flavor Flav?

Terrell Owens Flavor Flav

That’s just what Terrell Owens must have been asking himself. Well, America needn’t wonder any longer, as T.O. will be making his primetime acting debut Wednesday night.

Owens will be appearing in the comedy (we suppose) “Under One Roof” on the MyNetworkTV network (we believe it used to be known as UPN).

And does Terrell tickle any funny bones? The DALLAS MORNING NEWS lets us judge for ourselves by offering up a couple of video clips. See a small sampling for yourself after the jump. Read more…

Rampage Jackson: Police Slow To Respond To Sean Taylor Because He Was Black

BREAKING: ZERO BLACKS SPOTTED AT COMPUSA SINCE ‘97: took time out from rooting through Britney’s garbage to video UFC fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s reax to the Sean Taylor shooting:

Rampage Jackson On Sean Taylor Shooting Incident

Shot in the leg and died. Where the hell was the ambulance? Flavor Flav was real when he said 911 was a joke. Black folks, when you get in trouble [and you] call 911, please sound white when you call … We all sound white when we need to.“TMZ then has a poll, asking if Jackson’s is right:

Sean Taylor Poll

NEWSFLASH: Who knew no black people had computers either!