Police Finally Nab Diabolical ‘Sugarcreek Merman’

Kevin L. Miller’s one-piece women’s bathing suit reign of terror officially ended on Tuesday, when Ohio police arrested the individual many are calling the Sugarcreek Merman. Miller was apprehended without incident at his home in Sugarcreek Township, while still wearing the bathing suit. Yep, this man was living the dream, 24/7.

Kevin L. Miller

(He flew too close to the sun on wings of kooky)

According to police, Miller had been harassing young girls near the Little Miami River since last week, approaching them while wearing the bathing suit and asking how he looked. And just for variety, apparently he had been exposing himself. That is no way for a Merman to act. But Miller was packing more in his swimsuit than just his junk. Read more…

World Aquatic Championships Features Nipple Slips And Chubby Chasers

WORLD SWIM MEETERS GO TOPLESS, CHASE CHUBBY: As a longtime water sports aficionado, I’ve been tracking the World Aquatic Championships very closely in Melbourne, Australia. And like you, that global meeting of swim had me on an emotional rollercoaster all last weekend.

Evgenia Soboleva Topless Water Polo Russia World Aquatic Championships

My favorite moment came during the the scintillating women’s water polo bronze medal match between Russia and Hungary, which featured Hungary’s Eszter Tomaskovic slipping past a toppled Evgenia Soboleva of Russia (NSFW).

Fat Croatian Water Polo Player

The only thing that came close to topping that girl-on-girl action was Croatia’s celebration after winning the men’s competition - including coach Radko Rudic getting a chubby during the jublilation.