Did Tom Cable Clobber Raiders’ Assistant Coach?

Holy Buddy Ryan — did Tom Cable really break the jaw of Oakland Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson at practice recently? In a story first reported by the NATIONAL FOOTBALL POST this morning, and now being confirmed by the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, Cable was involved in “an altercation” with one of his assistants earlier this month at the team’s Napa practice facility, and that assistant was treated for a broken jaw at Queen of the Valley Hospital on August 6.

Tom Cable, Randy Hanson

Welcome to Al Davis’ world, in case you’re new to all of this. It’s a land ruled by dysfunction, where Davis and his flying monkeys watch practice in a crystal ball from a castle tower, coaches come and go with the frequency of a Tokyo subway train, and disputes are settled the old-fashioned way.

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Royals’ ‘Outfield Experience’ Fun For Entire Family

We knew that Kauffman Stadium’s ‘Outfield Experience’ included a jaunty carousel and miniature ballpark for the kids, but no one mentioned the screaming, profane parents and bloody fisticuffs. Leave it to the Royals to go the extra mile for their fans.

You’ve got to love a major league ballpark children’s area that includes a triage tent. The fun occurred on Sunday, as several Royals’ fans engaged in an all-out brawl in the ‘Little K’ children’s area of the stadium, touched off, apparently, when one mother walked in front of another mom who was trying to take a picture of her child. Merriment then ensued. Read more…