First Pitches: Mariah Carey Throws Like Carl Lewis

Turns out Carl Lewis wasn’t the only celebrity to recently suffer a sorrowful ceremonial first pitch.

Mariah Carey first pitch Yomiuri Giants

BIG LEAGUE STEW tosses us news that Mariah Carey was asked to do the honors for the Yomiuri Giants of Japan. The songstress showed good from - however, we’re not talking about her hurling prowess.

(Video of Mariah’s pitching performance after the jump.) Read more…

Another Addition To Our Carl Lewis Time Capsule

For some reason I’ve never seen this, until spotted from a link on DEADSPIN today. UH-OH!

Cark Lewis First Pitch Disaster

Along with that indestructible animated gif (sorry MLB jackballs!), there’s plenty more priceless first-pitch disasters videos culled by FAN IQ. Enjoy!