Rats Can Play Hoops? (No, Not Stephon Marbury)

Everyone needs a break here and there from the toils and tribulations of the day-to-day, moment-to-moment stress that envelops much of everyday life. Which is why, as a public service, we’re taking this opportunity to halt our constant stream of late-breaking, gritty investigative journalism to bring you the following: video of rats playing basketball.

Rat Basketball

(I’ve heard about “gym rats” before, but this is ridiculous!)

Heureka, a science center in Finland, have begun teaching rats how to play basketball. (Well, dunk at least; none of them are pulling up for Js.) The trick to how they train these simple-minded creatures to play one of the more complex sports in all of creation? Give them lots and lots of food.

The story comes to us from today’s substantial link collection over at Henry Abbott’s TRUE HOOP blog, and the video is after the jump.

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