PGA Backs Down From Tiger Over Criticism Fines

More than a few eyebrows were raised when Tiger Woods, fresh off his comeback win in the Bridgestone Invitational, criticized a PGA official by name for putting him and Padraig Harrington on the clock on the 16th hole; Woods trailed by one stroke at the time, and Harrington melted down shortly afterward, effectively handing the match to Woods with a triple bogey.

Padraig Harrington and Tiger Woods
(Um, that doesn’t look like a “that shot went well” face.)

According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, Woods was reportedly fined an undisclosed amount by the PGA for criticizing a tour official. And how dare they, right? Yes, blaming Harrington’s late Van de Velde‘ing of the 16th hole on rushing his swing is spectacularly diva-ish, but golfers have beeen depending on that exact diva treatment for decades; why stop now?

For whatever reason, either the prevailing of cooler heads or just sloppy reporting by the AP, the report has been declared false.

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WR Wes Welker Gets A $10,000 Snow Angel Fine

Just when you were starting to realize that the NFL could have been trying to protect fans by fining the Jets’ Shawn Ellis for throwing a snow boulder into the stands in Seattle, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell signs off on this atrocity: The league is fining Patriots wide receiver $10,000 Wes Welker for making a snow angel, according to Christoper Gaper of the BOSTON GLOBE.

wes welker snow angel

(Welker being an NFL deviant, evidently.)

That’s right, despite the fact that Welker’s second-half touchdown celebration A) didn’t involve any teammates, B) only involved props provided by nature, C) lasted for less than five seconds and D) was clearly an improptu reaction, the league is still handing down it’s standard $10G celebration fine. Talk about a crappy Christmas present to one of the league’s hardest-working, most reliable players.

To call the fine humorless is a significant understatement. To call it a cynical holiday present doesn’t do it justice. This, in its most pure, bottom line, is the NFL outlawing any expression of impetuous personal jubilation.

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Sapp Slapped With $75,000 Fine For Ref Ranting

Warren Sapp got slapped for opening his trap to yap about the refs’ crap:

Warren Sapp NFL referees

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE reports that the Oakland Raiders defensive tackle was fined $75,000 by the NFL on Thursday for his actions in Sunday’s loss at Jacksonville.

During the 49-11 mauling by the Jaguars, Sapp was flagged three times for unsportsmanlike conduct, and eventually ejected for bumping an official. However, Warren says his was a hands-off approach: “It was all just words. I never put my hand on nobody, never bumped nobody, never did anything. Come on, I’ve never touched anybody in any shape, form or anything.”

But the league disagreed, and took a sizable chunk from Sapp’s paycheck. And Warren wasn’t the only Raider rolled. Fellow defenseman Derrick Burgess was burdened with a $25,000 fine for his actions in the game.

Homer Simpson Sapp Yao Ming Brady Kwan Lebron

Sapp believes it’s a case of his reputation preceeding him: Come on, you know how it works. It’s all a PR shtick. The big, bad 99 has done it now. Whatever, man. I have no recourse. It’s only me. It’s always been me.”

With the $75G gone, guess Warren won’t be able to buy any urinals from his old college stomping grounds.

Cheap Shot Gets Smaller NFL Fine Than Snow Throwing After Score

NFL FINE SYSTEM PULLS SNOW JOB ON DENVER BRONCOS: We love this comparison pointed out by Jay Posner of the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE today: “According to the Rocky Mountain News, Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall was fined $7,500 by the NFL for throwing snow in the air to celebrate a touchdown catch during a game Dec. 9.

Brandon Marshall Snow Job

By comparison, Broncos safety Nick Ferguson was fined $5,000 for a low hit on a special teams play earlier this season that the league judged to be ‘unnecessary roughness.’“And speaking of snow, “Terrell Owens of Dallas wasn’t fined at all for dumping popcorn on himself while celebrating a TD.

Terrell Owens Popcorn

So throwing snow is worse than a low-bridge on special teams? And T.O. can act harmlessly goofy, but Marshall can’t? Well one thing Posner didn’t consider in the NFL’s decision - the Bronco receiver does have a bit of an off-the-track record when it comes to making (alleged) bad decisions:

Brandon Marshall DUI

Five Falcons Fined For Message To Michael Vick Monday Night

JERSEY PULL-UP INSPIRED BY GOLD CLUB PREGAME VISIT?: PRO FOOTBALL TALK has the fun news today that “the National Football League has handed out hefty fines to several members of the Atlanta Falcons for their message of support to convicted felon Mike Vick in last Monday night’s game against the Saints.

Michael Vick Message Falcons Roddy White

Roddy White, Alge Crumpler, DeAngelo Hall, and Chris Houston were docked $10,000 for wearing messages in support of Vick on their uniforms.Joe Horn also was fined $7,500 for pulling up White’s jersey to reveals his “Free Mike Vick” T-shirt.

$7,500 for pulling up a shirt in Atlanta? Sounds more like the Falcons’ last visit to the Gold Club.

NFL Fines Four Ravens Players and Broncos Coach Mike Shanahan

RAVENS PLAYERS, BRONCOS COACH TALKING JUST FINE(D): In the National Football League, it pays to speak your mind.

Bart Scott Samari Rolle Ravens

The BALTIMORE SUN reports that four Ravens players were fined by the league for criticizing the officials in the Birds’ 27-24 Monday night loss to the Patriots.Cornerbacks Samari Rolle & Chris McAlister and receiver Derrick Mason were each slapped with a $15,000 bill for their critical comments about the crew. Linebacker Bart Scott has to dole out a little more - $25,000 - for verbally abusing the officials and tossing one of the ref’s flags into the stands.

Baltimore coach Brian Billick said the team would not argue the fines.

Mike Shanahan

Meanwhile, the DENVER POST reports that Broncos coach Mike Shanahan was also fined by the NFL on Friday for his comments about the league’s substance abuse policy.Shanahan has to shell out $25,000 for publicly discussing the details of Travis Henry’s appeal of his 1-year drug suspension. The coach detailed how the Broncos’ RB took hair sample and lie detector test to prepare for his appeal.

Talking about the substance abuse policy process is apparently against league rules. Shanahan maintains he was only trying to support his player. Somehow it worked, as Henry won his appeal on Tuesday.

money grab

With Terence Newman’s recent threats to Jon Kitna, the NFL’s fines department could be rollin’ in dough again after this weekend.

Cowboys Cornerback Terence Newman Promises To Put Hurt On Lions QB Jon Kitna

DALLAS’ NEWMAN READY TO ROLL LIONS QB AT ANY COST: It’s one thing to guarantee victory over a 12-0 opponent. It’s quite another to guarantee a trip to the hospital for your opponents’ QB:

Jon Kitna Terence Newman

THE WORLD OF ISAAC throws over word from the DALLAS MORNING NEWS about Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman predicting bad things for Detroit’s Jon Kitna.The Lions QB made some remarks a few days after last season’s 39-31 win in Big D that rubbed the Cowboys’ D the wrong way. Kitna had said that he wasn’t “scared to throw” at Newman, and that he didn’t feel Dallas LB Bradie James “knew where he was at.”

A year later, Newman still remembers, telling a satellite radio audience on Wednesday, “Basically, what it boils down to is you’ve got to watch what you say.”

Terence Newman Guitar Hero

And in Terence’s case, he’s not afraid to pay the piper - or the NFL: “He better just hope I don’t blitz off the edge because I’ve got 15, 25, 30 (thousand dollars), however much it would be for a fine.”James also remembers Kitna’s comments, and also has some ominous words for the Lions’ signal-caller: “I don’t know him, and I don’t want to know him. (But) he’s going to get to know me“.

BBQ sandwich lunch

And if he can’t crunch Kitna, James will be more than happy to “take someone out to lunch” if they lay out the Lion.Newman’s words have already gotten the attention of league officials. USA TODAY reports that the NFL sent a letter to Terence warning him of any illegal actions.

The note notified Newman that the league would “carefully monitor your activities in this weekend’s Cowboys-Lions game, and suggesting to Terence that he “conduct yourself accordingly.”

NFL Network

If the Cowboys CB doesn’t want the league to watch him, he can try to get the game shown on the NFL Network.

Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach Fined $10,000 By Big 12 For Ref Comments

LEACH’S POST-GAME TIRADE TOPS OFF WITH $10,000 FINE: Mike Leach refused to back down from comments he made about last Saturday’s officiating. And now his words have cost him a sizable sum:

Mike Leach chair

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the Texas Tech coach was fined $10,000 for the remarks he made following the Red Raiders’ loss to the Longhorns.The fine was the highest ever handed down by the Big 12 Conference, doubling the previous record of penny- pinching punishment.

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE adds that Leach was also given a reprimand by the Big 12 (oooh, scary!). The conference also warned the Tech coach that any similar outbursts in the future could result in a suspension.