Dustin Pedroia: MVP, Champion, Financial Advisor

Give Dustin Pedroia credit: he likes to have some fun with a camera on him. He’s not much of an actor (and was quite noticeably outclassed in that awesome MLB ‘09 commercial), but he’s, y’know, out there.

Dustin Pedroia
(Alcohol, for one, is not a solid investment. But buy some anyway.)

It naturally follows, then (no it doesn’t), that Pedroia would start filming web spots with financial information for a local bank in Boston. While he’s (probably) not going to pull a Dykstra and waste his earnings in spectacularly public fashion, he’s at least helping kids learn a little bit about money, which is hardly an ignoble cause.

(Video after the break.)
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These Men Want To Give You Foreclosure Advice

When I’m not beefing up my financial portfolio with Lenny Dykstra, you can usually find me seeking foreclosure advice from that paragon of business acumen, Dwyane Wade, and his business partner Alonzo Mourning. The former Miami Heat teammates have combined their forces to add heft to a nonprofit government effort to promote awareness of free foreclosure assistance. Hmm, is this wise?

Alonzo Mourning, Dwyane Wade

It’s a good cause to be sure; the financial meltdown has caused a real crisis in the housing industry, especially in South Florida, where many people have lost their homes due to financial scams or confusion over the way housing laws work. Nonprofits such as the HOPE NOW Alliance have organized a bus tour to help raise awareness of government services that would help homeowners renegotiate the terms of their loans. And Wade and Mourning have lent their celebrity to the cause. Read more…