Pete Carroll Voting For Barack Obama: “It’s time”

Yes, this is another politics post. Agree with it? Go vote about it. Disagree with it? Go vote about it. But only after you vote in our own poll below!

There are many reasons to hate the USC Trojans. Most of them have to do with some combination of the Reggie Bush scandal and outright jealousy. But you can’t hate them for Pete Carroll, not if you have even one sensical bone in your body.

Pete Carrol Vidal Hazelton
(Pete Carroll, demonstrating the enormous importance of this election. Or hugging Invisible Grimace. Whatever.)

The ever-excited coach rebuilt the Trojans into one of the three best programs in the country right now (Florida, Texas) and has done so with class, honor, and humor. And now, with this momentous election on top of us, he’s got his players thinking about politics.

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