‘The South Will Rise Again’ Chant Won’t Rise Again

For those of you with no qualms about waving the stars and bars on your front porch or applying it to the bumper of your car, today is a sad day; the Ole Miss Rebels’ famous “From Dixie With Love” fight song has been banned after fans refused to disassociate it with the - ahem - controversial “The South Will Rise Again” chant.

The South Will Rise Again Flag With Bloody Soldier Skeleton
(You see, guys? This is an angry, bloody skeleton taking up your cause. Some people might balk at sentiments like these. We can’t help it.)

The final blow came after Mississippi chancellor Dan Jones asked fans not to chant it during the fight song; as noted above, that didn’t sit well with fans, whose inner persecution radars went berserk and told them to just chant louder. Moreover, as Jones notes, some outside fans still associate the chant with the worst elements of the South’s past - and want it to stay that way.

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