Nowitzki’s “Pregnant Fiancée” Arrested For Fraud

Today’s headlines have been dominated by Manny, but there’s some weird stuff brewing down in Dallas, where a woman who is reportedly Dirk Nowitzki’s pregnant fiancée has been arrested on fraud charges. Cristal Taylor, who has used at least eight aliases while racking up what appears to be a number of bills that she had no intention of paying, was picked up by Dallas police at Nowitzki’s house on Wednesday morning on an outstanding warrant.

Cristal Taylor

(Clearly, you can see why Dirk was so captivated by this woman)

And it appears that Dirk may have been involved in turning her in. Sources told CBS 11 in Dallas that a private investigator hired by Nowitzki accompanied the arresting officers, along with lawyers who were serving an eviction notice to her (she had been living at Dirk’s house for more than a year). She’s reportedly still in prison needing $20,000 to get bailed out, which is chump change for Dirk. But it doesn’t sound like he’s going to show up.

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