ESPN Finally Allows Fernando Vina To Speak About Mitchell Report

ESPN ANALYST FINALLY GIVEN CHANCE TO DISCUSS HGH: When the Mitchell Report came out last Thursday, one of the names named was Fernando Vina, former player and current baseball analyst for ESPN. However, on the day the report was released, the Worldwide Leader neglected to quiz their employee about his role.

Now a few days later, the boys in Bristol finally sat down with Fernando to get his side of the story:

In his chat with Bob Ley on Monday, Vina admitted to using HGH, but denied he ever took steroids.Fernando said he took HGH during his injury-filled 2003 season, hoping the drugs would speed up his healing process. He said the substances didn’t help, and Vina was out of baseball by 2004.

Fernando came clean about his past use, and isn’t proud of it: “It’s something I regret. I’m embarrassed, and I’m just trying to go forward from here.”

Does this mean going forward to ESPN’s accounting dept. to pick up his severance package?

ESPN Analyst Fernando Vina Is Buried By Bristol After Mitchell Report Mention

BRISTOL BURIES ESPN ANALYST OUTED IN MITCH REPORT: We broadcasted some of Fernando Vina’s first minor league games what seems like centuries ago in Columbia, SC., so we were probably more interested in his reax on ESPN yesterday to being named in the Mitchell Report than most. Sadly though, thanks to the Bristol suits, he was brushed off the stage and not allowed to comment (or was he hiding?).

Fernando Vina Fan

In case you don’t know, Vina is now a baseball analyst for ESPN, and the Mitchell report notes that Kirk Radomski, the now-infamous Mets clubhouse attendant, “sold anabolic steroids or human growth hormone” to Vina a half-dozen or so times from 2000-05.ESPN’s day-long, wall-to-wall “SportsCenter Special Report” did identify Vina’s alleged wrongdoing, but to no one’s surprise, did not have him on camera to address the Mitchell mention.

Bob Raissman of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS on the ESPN baseball guy now dying on the Vina: “The faculty at Bristol Clown Community College should have sent its new investigative team - T.J. Quinn and Mark Fainaru-Wada - into the streets to track down Mr. ViƱa.

Then the always-reliable Bob Ley could have asked him this question: Fernando, is this allegation true? And if it is, how could you sit here during the season, during numerous discussions on steroids, and lie?”