Female Hockey Goon Breaks Stick On Guy’s Leg

I’ve always suspected that women in Idaho were a little bitter tougher than here in La La Land, but here’s your proof: The IDAHO MOUNTAIN EXPRESS reports that a woman was arrested and charged with assault after swinging and breaking her stick across the knee of an opponent.

Marty McSorley and Donald Brashear in Idaho

Not impressed by her Marty McSorley impersonation? Let me fill you in on a few details:

The woman, identified by police as Georgia Hutchinson, is 52 and she apparently plays on a B+ Level team called The Flyers. And the player she attacked was guy. Yes, this is a coed league - a coed non-contact league - and Hutchinson decided to strike a blow for womankind, or at least for female hockey goons, by laying the lumber to some guy.

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