Blackhawk’s Broken Finger Frightens Female Fans

When you get rinkside seats, you get to see all the exciting hockey action up close & personal -  every hit, every slapshot, every broken finger. And being so close must have been a bit too much for these two female fans when they got a glance of a damaged digit belonging to Chicago Blackhawk Matt Walker:

Thanks to PUCK DADDY for scaring up the video.

Capitals “Delicately Tap Into Their Feminine Fans”

The Washington Capitals are 35 years old. Don’t you think it’s about time they get interested in women? Fortunately for all you D.C.-area hockey-lovin’ ladies, they finally are.

Washington Capitals female

The Caps have established Club Scarlet, a fan club focusing primarily on the female supporters of their NHL franchise. Claiming a membership of over 2,000 fans, the club has helped organize meet-and-greets with the players, practices open to the public, and other activities, as the Caps attempt to “delicately tap into their feminine fan base.”

Hey now!

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