Female Pro Soccer Player Turns To Career In Porn

Soccer or porn? Yeah, here in the U.S., that isn’t such a difficult dilemma. Especially when you consider the rugged good lucks and sparkling charm of Landon Donovan what a colossal bore the game is to most Americans.

Eva Roob porn soccer player Samira Summer

But I suppose the quandary was a bit more pronounced for German pro soccer player Eva RoobUNPROFESSIONAL FOUL reports today that the German website Bild.de noted this week that Roob has given up her career as an in-country pro soccer player to become a full-blown participant in the porn industry. She’s now know in the sex worker industry as “Samira Summer.”

Eva Roob porn soccer player Samira Summer

Excerpt: “Ms. Roob played for FC Nuremberg in 2nd Women’s Bundesliga beginning in 2001. She played two years, but the pay wasn’t the greatest so she had “augment” her income. Naturally, she thought of Roob’s boobs as a source of income dancing at corporate parties and doing photoshoots.

Likely any serious, professional endeavor, eventually Ms. Roob, a once-dedicated, defensive midfielder, concluded that if she was going to become a superstar in the pay-for-sex game, she’d have to abandon her legitimate job. It was a courageous, selfless decision for which humanity is grateful.

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