Clairvoyant Jersey Predicted Favre Trade To Jets

Apparently, the sports apparel aisle at JC Penney is a more powerful fortune teller than Nostradamus, your local astrology charts and Patricia Arquette combined. At least if you believe a Wisconsin man who told the RACINE JOURNAL TIMES that he bought a NY Jets # 4 Brett Favre jersey from the retailer six years ago.

Favre Jets Jersey

Joe Braun said that he purchased the jersey as a Christmas gift for his wife back in 2002. According to him, neither he or his wife noticed the error, even after she opened the gift and put on the jersey. It was only after their son noticed that it was the wrong color green and had a Jets logo on the sleeve did Braun think that something was amiss. This does not speak highly of the observational skills of Braun and his wife.

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