Dwyane Wade, NBA On Healthy Eating: Cookies?

According to a study done back in 2007, the United States is the 9th fattest country in the world. Some country called Nauru came in as the fattest, having 94.7% of it’s citizens over the age of 15 considered overweight. Of course, we here in America can’t stand finishing in second place at anything, let alone ninth, so somebody has to do something.

That person is Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade. Not content with only helping restore order in the global landscape of basketball by winning a gold medal with the United States basketball team in Beijing last month, D-Wade has now set his sights on making the U.S. the fattest country in the world.

Dwyane Wade Cake

As Henry Abbott pointed out at TRUEHOOP yesterday morning, Wade is taking part in a campaign between the NBA and Pepperidge Farm for the NBA FIT program that hopes to teach kids the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.

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Golfing with Bunnies, Now with 400% More Idiot

Let’s imagine you’re a portly guy.  Let’s further imagine that you’re the kind of guy who loves bright pink polo shirts paired with cheap fedoras.  And let’s even further imagine that there are four of you.  Given that scenario, what do you spend $50,000 on?

sweet dudes with playboy bunnies

Golf with PLAYBOY Bunnies, duh!  Not something silly like a personal trainer or different shirts.  It’s an obvious choice. Read more…

Does No One Have A Use For An Old Fat Pitcher?

THE BOSTON GLOBE ponders why, with a few starting rotation vacancies on several teams, has David Wells not been offered a contract. Boomer, who last pitched with the Dodgers last season (doing pretty well, actually: going 4-1 in seven starts), would be entering his 22nd year in the bigs if an offer does come over the transom.

david wells dodgers

“With the Mets’ Pedro Martínez out for six weeks and Arizona lefty Doug Davis scheduled for cancer surgery, there seem to be openings for David Wells with at last those two teams. But so far neither has budged.

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