The Pink Cap Debate Riles Up The Red Sox Nation

The pink cap has been a source of contention in baseball fandom since clothing manufacturers discovered they could sell team clothing successfully without having to use the team’s actual colors. Now, the BOSTON GLOBE is examining the pink hat issue among Red Sox fans, and the supposed sociological issues that the pink only touches the tip of.

Red Sox pink cap

The debate over the caps basically boils down to the die-hards saying that pink gear wearers aren’t real fans, and they’re bandwagon jumpers from the Sox’s massive success in the past few years. Writer Kate M. Jackson draws a link with the “gentrification” of the BoSox fandom into the mythical “Red Sox Nation” (god, I hate that term so much.)

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Francona Not Allowed To Wear Pullovers In Games

BASEBALL TELLS SOX’S FRANCONA THE PULLOVER IS OVER: MLB’s fashion police throws the book at Terry Francona, as the Red Sox manager is no longer allowed to wear pullovers during games:

Terry Francona pullover

The BOSTON HERALD reports that Major League Baseball is banning the comfortable clothing from part of the official uniform. VP Bob Watson, referring to the decision as the ‘Francona Rule’, said that managers must wear a team jersey or jacket while deliberating in the dugout.Watson maintained, “You can’t wear your nightshirt, or whatever it is. You can wear it before games, or after games, but not during games.”

Eric Wedge John Gibbons pullovers

Cleveland’s Eric Wedge and Toronto’s John Gibbons have also been known to pose in pullovers while working. MLB had earlier stated that first offense for the fashion faux pas would be a $1,000 fine, strike two would cost $5,000, and strike three would mean a one-game suspension.But even with the uniform uproar, the Yankees always somehow manage into play. The Herald story has a poll asking readers if they agree with the new rule.

Francona Rule Poll

The choices are:”No, Terry Francona should be allowed to wear what he wants.”


Sure. As long as they don’t make him wear pinstripes.”